Describe a law on Environmental Protection [IELTS Cue Card]

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In Describe a law on Environmental Protection IELTS Speaking Cue Card, you speak about any law for the protection of our environment. You should say:

Describe a law on Environmental Pro... x
Describe a law on Environmental Protection Cue Card, Follow ups Question [IELTS Speaking 2021]
☑️ What it is?

☑️ How you first learned about it?

☑️ Who gets benefit from it?

☑️ Explain how you feel about this law?
Describe a law on Environmental Protection [IELTS Cue Card]..
Describe a law on Environmental Protection

NOTE-> You have one minute to think about what you are going to say, then you’ll have to talk about the topic for one-to-two minutes. A paper and a pencil will be given so that you can make some notes if you wish.

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For easier understanding, I have divided this IELTS Speaking Cue Card into three parts ➡️ Introduction, Questions, and Conclusion.


The quality of our environment has a direct impact on our wellbeing and it’s unfortunate that the very basis of our life is now under threat from us..THE HUMANS! As such, legislations play an important role so much more than ever to protect the environment. So today I’d take this opportunity to talk about Environment Protection Act, 1986 of the Parliament of India.

What it is?

The Environment Protection Act, 1986 deals with the protection & improvement of the human environment and the prevention of hazards to human beings and other living creatures. The Act is an umbrella legislation designed to provide a framework for government to protect the environment.

How you first learned about it?

Well! I am an avid reader of newspapers. Hence, I first learned about this law when I was reading a newspaper editorial written by Greenpeace– an NGO working to preserve the environment. The article emphasised different facets of Environment Protection Act and how this law serves the purpose of safeguarding the environment.

Who gets benefit from it?

Broadly speaking, this law/act benefits every living creature by protecting and improving sustainability of the environment. Consequently, people may stay healthier and live longer. Furthermore, This law has special provisions to take strict actions against all those who harm the environment. So, this law positively affect the society as a whole.

How you feel about this law?

I feel that the Environment Protection Act aims for the betterment of society. It not only tells about how to save the environment but also laid down important duties that we should all do. But somewhere I feel this act had a lackadaisical implementation since the enactment and needs to be strengthened on the ground.


In the end I’d just say that…The Earth is all we have in common. So it’s our moral responsibility to protect the environment and uphold every law framed for it.

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Following are the probable set of IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow up questions for Describe a law on Environmental Protection cue card:

➡️ Is there any situation where people may disobey this law?

Yes, in fact people always find loopholes in any law whatsoever. They may disobey this law for their personal gains. Industrialists for example, most of them violate the environment protocols to save additional costs and maximise their profits.

➡️ Do you think this law is acceptable to people?

This law is definitely acceptable to people of India. There is growing awareness about environmental concerns and Indians now took the baton in their hands to preserve the mother earth.

➡️ Do people like being a police officer in your country?

Police service is a noble profession. It is absolutely true that Indian people desire to join the service and serve the country. As a matter of fact, every year thousands of young Indians join the service to play their part in nation building.

➡️ What qualities should a police officer possess?

A police officer must possess honesty. He should be clear in his thoughts and there should be no greed of any kind. In addition, he/she must be physically fit and courageous to uproot the crime from the society.

➡️ Why some people prefer to be a lawyer?

Well..Everybody is a justice believer. But some people prefer to go a step ahead and become lawyers so as to ensure everyone gets fair treatment according to the law. They dedicate their life to fight for the civilian rights.

➡️ Should people be penalised when they use cell phones while driving?

Absolutely! They should be heavily penalised. Because cell phones may cause distraction which is fatal for the road safety. Strict actions are the need of the hour!

➡️ Do you think both men & women can be police officers?

Yes! I don’t think there should be any gender disparity in the police service. Moreover, it’s an egalitarian society which makes both races equally capable of undertaking their duties.

➡️ Do you think the police officers are paid too much?

I don’t think their pay is at par with their counterparts working elsewhere in some other country. Their salaries are bare minimum and most of them find it hard to carry their household expenses. They deserve a hike in their salaries especially during this time of COVID-19, when they’re putting their life in danger to save others.

➡️ Do all people in your country obey the law?

I believe, each country does have some rotten apples. In India, people are no different. Some of them find joy in breaking the laws and challenging judicial system. There is need to strictly deal with such kind of outlaws.

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I hope you learnt well about how to answer Describe a law on Environmental Protection [IELTS Cue Card]. It is advised not to reproduce the same answer during examination, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather articulate and make it look like your personal answer.

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