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IELTS LISTENING PRACTICE TEST #14 2021 [WITH ANSWERS] | Free Listening practice test
492 views · Nov 7, 2021
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This is the IELTS LISTENING TEST #14 2021 [with answers] of our free online practice test series. Try it nowww🎧!!!!!

About this test:
🔥🔥Test Number ⏩ 14
🔥🔥Test PDF ⏩
🔥🔥Test Difficulty ⏩ Easy
🔥🔥Ideal score to reach band 7 ⏩ 36 out of 40

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🔘The listening module is the first part of the test you will do.
🔘It is recorded using a wide range of accents that are normally practiced in everyday english.
🔘Candidates are given a question booklet consisting of 40 questions. 
🔘Additional time is given to read the questions before each section is heard.
🔘As you hear the recordings in paper based IELTS, it is always suggested that you should write your answers on the question booklet itself.
🔘At the end of the fourth (last) section, you are given 10 minutes to transfer your answers to an answer sheet.
🔘In computer delivered IELTS , write down your answers directly on the desktop. You will not be given additional 10 minutes to transfer your answers.
🔘Instead, in computer delivered test, extra 02 minutes are given to review your answers before submission.

Section 01 ➡️ A recorded conversation
Section 02 ➡️ A recorded monologue
Section 03 ➡️ A recorded discussion
Section 04 ➡️ A recorded monologue

👉🏻Make sure you are familiar with each question type before you do the test so you know the ways you can respond.
👉🏻Use the additional time given to read the questions before each section.
👉🏻Always remember to look at the whole set of questions and not just the first ones.
👉🏻Follow the instructions given in the question sheet; for instance, maximum number of words your response should have.
👉🏻Use the questions to identify the topic of each section and predict what vocabulary you might be going to hear.
👉🏻Be attentive throughout the test so that what you listen makes sense.
👉🏻Anticipate the type of information required for each question.
👉🏻Remember, you may hear paraphrases and synonyms of words or ideas in the recording.
👉🏻Stay focused on the exam, guess an answer in the time given to review your responses.
👉🏻Be extra cautious when you are transferring your answers on the answer sheet.
👉🏻Pay attention to the spellings as incorrect spellings are penalised and treated as wrong answers.
👉🏻There is NO negative marking, so don't leave any question unanswered in the examination.
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