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5 Best Immigration Lawyers in Halifax, Nova Scotia (2023)

If you’re considering Halifax, Nova Scotia, as your new home, you’re in for a treat. This vibrant city, with its rich maritime history and friendly atmosphere, sets the stage for a welcoming Canadian experience. And for those navigating the maze of immigration, fear not! This article unveils the 5 Best Immigration Lawyers in Halifax – who are there to help you with TR, Citizenship, PR, Sponsorships, Study and Work Visa applications.

From historic sites to bustling waterfronts, Halifax has a lot to offer, and these lawyers are here to ensure your immigration journey is as smooth as the ocean waves. So keep reading as we’ll explore the profiles of these top-notch lawyers, dedicated to making your transition to Halifax, Nova Scotia, both legally sound and personally fulfilling.

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TOP 5 Best HALIFAX, Nova Scotia Immigration Lawyer Near Me

Halifax’s Top 5 Immigration Lawyers

Here are the five immigration attorneys we’ve determined to be the best ones near you in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

  1. North Star Immigration Law Inc. (4.6/5)
  2. Grace Allen Immigration Law (4.7/5)
  3. Brookshire Law Office (4.5/5)
  4. Godfred T. Chongatera (3.5/5)
  5. Sadler Immigration Law (4.1/5)

1. North Star Immigration Law Inc.

BEST KNOWN FORTR, PR, Citizenship, Business Immigration
TELEPHONE+1 902-446-4747
LOCATION5475 Spring Garden Rd Suite 701, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3T2, Canada

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

North Star Immigration Law Inc. is a reputable immigration practice located across from the fabulous new Halifax Central Library, Nova Scotia. Their team of skilled Canadian immigration lawyers offers assistance with the immigration process from their offices in Victoria, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Elizabeth Wozniak is the founder of North Star Immigration Law Inc. She has taught immigration and refugee law at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law, and she frequently speaks on immigration and refugee policy and procedure at conferences. Moreover, Elizabeth holds a licence from the Nova Scotia Department of Labour as an authorised foreign worker recruiter and is a member of the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society.

She and her team of immigration lawyers assist clients with a variety of immigration-related issues, including those involving temporary or permanent residence, enterprises and entrepreneurs, and applicants for Canadian citizenship.

If you’re unsure whether the immigration option applies to you, refer to their website or get in touch with them to learn how they can help.


“I received assistance from NS Immigration in Nova Scotia with my application for a study permit that had been turned down earlier. Elise Mercier handled my case, and she never ceased to astound and reassure me with her professionalism, attention to detail, and sincere concern for my predicament. They were a pleasure to work with and made sure to see me through to the conclusion.” – Sabine

2. Grace Allen Immigration Law

Grace Allen Immigration Lawyer Halifax Nova Scotia
Source: / Grace Allen
TELEPHONE+1 902-329-4950
LOCATION1809 Barrington St Suite 1003, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3K8, Canada

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Grace Allen Canadian Immigration Law offers legal services for temporary residence (visit, work or study) and permanent residence applications (skilled workers, foreign national spouses, provincial nominees, and protected persons).

Grace Allen is the owner and principal lawyer with Grace Allen Immigration Law in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She focuses on human rights, immigration, and assistance with refugees. Furthermore, Grace has appeared in court cases before the Federal Court of Canada, the Immigration Appeal Board, the Immigration Division, and the Refugee Board.

They are happy to help you with any immigration matter. Get in touch with them to find out more.


  • A flat fee of $300 plus HST for all consultations
  • Majority of the work for more challenging issues, such as refugee applications and appeals, will be done during in-person sessions


“Grace and her team ( Katie and Annie Mae ) were fantastic, very professional and friendly. They were always willing to answer all of our questions in a very timely fashion. They walked us through the immigration process step by step. I would recommend Grace Allen Immigration Law to anyone going through immigration processes for themselves or a loved one!!!! Thanks, Grace and Team.” – David

3. Brookshire Law Office

BEST KNOWN FORRenewal of Permanent Residence Card and Citizenship Applications, Permanent Residence Applications, Temporary Residence Applications (and Extensions)
TELEPHONE+1 902-701-7722
LOCATION380 Bedford Hwy Suite 103, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3M 2L4, Canada

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Brookshire Law Office can help you find the right way to become a Canadian citizen and Nova Scotia resident, whether you’re searching for citizenship, permanent residency, work permits, or temporary residency in Halifax. Your immigration to Canada will be facilitated by the expertise and experience that their Halifax immigration attorneys will offer you.

Alan Freckelton has written extensively on the subject of immigration law. Currently, he has developed a textbook on Australian immigration law and published 17 scientific articles on the subject. He holds a licence from Nova Scotia and has experience practising immigration law in Australia, British Columbia, and New York.

Since an immigration application requires a lot of paperwork, Alan and his staff make sure it’s submitted on time. In addition to this, immigration lawyers will ensure that you are following the right steps on your path to citizenship or permanent residency.


  • Offer “pay-as-you-go” and “flat fee” payment options with no retainers required
  • Decades of combined immigration law experience


“Because of Brookshire Law Office’s expertise, composure, and client-centred attitude, I would heartily recommend them. According to my attorney, a lawyer’s objective is to get the greatest conclusion for their client at the lowest possible expense. Based on my results, I think the team has exceeded that aim. I will contact Brookshire Law Office first if I ever need additional legal advice in the future.” – Brandon

4. Godfred T. Chongatera

Source: / Godfred T. Chongatera
BEST KNOWN FORTemporary Residence, Students and Visitors, Temporary Foreign workers
TELEPHONE+1 902-225-9626
LOCATION1888 Brunswick St Suite 608, Halifax, NS B3J 3J8, Canada

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The fifth name on our list of best immigration lawyers in Halifax, Nova Scotia is Godfred T. Chongatera. Godfred has the rare skill set of representing people in diverse areas of Canadian law. He practices criminal defence, family, immigration, business and civil litigation. 

Mr Godfred helps clients with all facets of temporary foreign work permit applications, including the owner and operator work permit and permanent residence option under the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Many of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee applicants, including the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, have benefited from his assistance.


  • Free of charge initial 20-minute consultation
  • After-hour services are available on phone
  • Open on Saturdays and Sundays

5. Sadler Immigration Law

BEST KNOWN FORImmigration, Citizenship and Refugee Law
TELEPHONE+1 902-219-0780
LOCATION2625 Joseph Howe Dr Suite 30B, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 4G4, Canada

Rating: 4 out of 5.


“Catherine is very kind and she is an amazing person to work with. She is very knowledgeable and helped me and my family a lot. Unlike most lawyers who care only about money, Catherine doesn’t charge much. Thank you, Catherine.” – Kia

“Catherine was extremely pleasant, approachable, reliable, and upbeat throughout our process of obtaining permanent residence. She answered all of our inquiries, provided helpful advice for every circumstance we encountered, and demonstrated a high level of expertise and resourcefulness in explaining the immigration procedure. Additionally, she provided excellent customer service and responded promptly. She is highly recommended by me, and I sincerely value her work.” – Awatif

Cost of hiring an immigration lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Here’s a table that will give you a general idea of immigration lawyer fees in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Renewal of PR Card and Citizenship Applications$2500 – $5000 (plus HST)
PR Applications$1500 – $15000 (plus HST)
TR Applications (and Extensions)$2000 – $6000 (plus HST)

FAQ on Halifax Immigration Lawyers

Why Do I Need the Help of an Immigration Lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia?

The immigration procedure is a drawn-out and tiresome ordeal. Visa denial rates have increased as a result. The visa application process necessitates accurate data entry, careful preparation, precise documentation, and timely submission of the applications. Choosing the appropriate immigration programme for your background and circumstance may also require assistance.

Additionally, you may need assistance during the immigration procedure in order to prepare and be ready with adequate justifications for any inquiries made by the authorities. An immigration lawyer can help you prepare your application with supporting documentation, answer any questions, and apply through the lawyer’s portal.

How do employers find potential immigrants looking to come and work in Nova Scotia?

Employers can post job openings on any other online job boards or other recruitment channels they like, in addition to the ESDC Job Bank.

Along with businesses, community partners, and commercial organisations from Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration frequently takes part in recruitment missions across Canada and abroad to look out for potential immigrants.

Can immigration lawyer speed up process?

Although the immigration process can be complex and sophisticated, engaging an immigration lawyer to help you with your case can expedite the procedure and enable you to achieve your immigration objectives.


To sum things up, if you’re looking for reputable immigration law firms in Halifax, Nova Scotia, look no further than these top Immigration Lawyers. Halifax is a city that welcomes immigrants with open arms because of its dynamic culture and attractiveness as a maritime city. These attorneys are dedicated to making sure your immigration experience is not simply a procedure but a customized, effective, and individual trip.

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Best immigration lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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