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Latest IELTS Speaking JAN-APR 2023 Cue Cards (PDF)

Are you afraid of IELTS Speaking? Worry not, the set of Makkar IELTS Speaking January-April 2023 Cue Cards can kick out your stress. Plus, their pdf is also available for download on the official site.

We have shared our version of answers for the recent topics and all you need to do is prepare the following cue cards thoroughly:

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IELTS Speaking Jan to Apr 2023 Cue Cards

As candidates report more and more new IELTS Speaking Jan-Apr 2023 cue cards, we’ll share all the topics with band 7+ solutions here. Keep checking this space!

Jan to Apr 2023 Cue Cards

IELTS Speaking section with all the 2023 cue cards that we’ve on Pinterest (updated regularly)

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Jan to Apr 2022 Cue Cards

Makkar IELTS Speaking Jan-Apr 2023 Cue Cards Vocab + Free PDF Download

Here’s a sample script from an amazing IELTS Speaking book that we’re sharing here with you. Download the free e-book and put that wonderful piece of vocabulary to prepare your Makkar IELTS Speaking Jan to Apr 2023 cue card answers. The script goes as follows:

Cue Card Topic: Describe a famous person you know…

Sample script:

Celine Dion is my idol. She was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. She started her singing career at the age of 12.

At the beginning, Celine was only singing in her family’s restaurant, but very soon, her tape was sent to a music manager Rene Angelil who later on became her husband. Rene was so impressed and was moved to tears by Celine’s voice, so he decided to help Celine with her career. Therefore, Celine Dion became a rising star in Canada.

Before 1990, Celine couldn’t speak English properly, so all of her albums were in French. But as a fast learner, Celine started to sing in English in 1990 and penetrated the US market very quickly. So far practically the majority of her songs became big hits and so many of them won awards for her. Nearly all her French and English albums have been really well-liked worldwide.

I like Celine Dion so much because she is talented and has a good sense of humour. In 2010 I went to Las Vegas to see her live show, and it was really a marvellous experience! Celine performed five nights a week in Las Vegas at that time, which truly amazed me. As a successful singer, she has been hardworking all her life. Whenever she releases a new album, I am always the first person to purchase it, so apparently, I am her huge fan.

Celine learned English as a second language very well, which also encourages me to learn English well. She is a real role model for me. I am also interested in music because that’s my passion, too. I hope I can also have some success in this industry in the future.

FAQs about IELTS Speaking in 2023

How do I get cue card ideas for my 2023 IELTS Speaking session?

The idea generation for any cue card topic is pretty easy. For your IELTS Speaking session in 2023, you’ll be given a minute to think about the topic. So we would suggest you use this time properly and note down every thought that comes to your mind on the sheet of paper provided. Always make sure to list them in the form of bullets like the ones shown in the picture below:

How are band scores calculated for IELTS Speaking?

The attributes used by examiners to evaluate the Speaking test are described in the criteria here. Please read this article carefully so that you can understand how an examiner assesses applicants’ ability to communicate in the English language.

How many questions will be asked in the 2023 cue card topic?

Any Speaking cue card topic that’ll be asked in your Jan to Apr 2023 IELTS exam shall have 4-5 questions. Remember these questions and form your ideas accordingly.

Is body language a scoring factor in the IELTS Speaking exam?

No, your body language or eye contact won’t affect your score in any way. Instead, you would be judged on how you speak. However, using confident body language and making eye contact may give you the much needed confidence to speak clearly.

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