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Describe something you received for free (Score 8+)

IELTS Speaking Part-2: Describe something you received for free cue card and follow-up with band 7-9 answers

You should say:

  1. What it was?
  2. Who you received it from?
  3. Where you received it?
  4. How you felt about it?
Describe something you received for free ielts cue card
Describe something you received for free Cue card

9 Band Answer

Let’s dive into the ‘Describe something you received for free’ IELTS Cue card (2022) with Band 7-9 sample answers & Follow up questions:

Introducing something free

I love getting freebies in my life and who doesn’t like an unexpected gift, freebies or giveaway?

But here, I would specifically like to talk about a free gift which I got on my 21st birthday.

What it was?

  • The thing I am talking about is a Playstation with lots of free video games.
  • For years video games have been criticised for making people more antisocial, overweight or depressed. But I feel that games can change us for the better and improve both our physical and mental health.

Who you received it from?

  • I received a free gift from my Uncle.
  • He is a psychologist, working at a reputed hospital in the city. He once told me about his research on the subject of how games can benefit a variety of brain functions, including decision-making.
  • So, he was thinking about giving an item that could actually be resourceful.

Where you received it?

  • I received the surprise on my birthday party at our house.
  • I opened the box later in the evening and I was thrilled to see so many free video games along with the Playstation.
  • The whole thing was a free bundle of joy. All my friends were excited and desperately wanted to play the games.

How you felt about it?

  • I felt so happy on receiving the gift that you can’t even imagine. I hugged him so tight I thought I would break us.
  • Above all, I think that he was right at that time. Games have certainly improved my mood and social skills.

Concluding the cue card

In the end, I would say that a positive charge is experienced when offered an unexpected free thing, and this sensation of joy is beyond everything.

8 Band Answer

A couple of months ago I went to the general store to buy some flowers because I wanted to plant them at the backyard of my house. I chose the Marigold flowers for my home. They are easy to grow and looks good during the summer.

The woman in the shop told me that the brand was running a campaign to support the care and promotion of home-grown plantations. So, she gave me a few Rose flower seeds as a free gift. I was so excited and I thought that it would be a great idea to grow a mixed plantation of flowers.

Though, the gift bundle had less seeds than the one I had purchased; however, they were enough to mix and match the assortment of flowers in the garden. I came back home, started to read the instructions and prepared the land accordingly.

Most flowers thrive in full to partial sun, so it was important for me to choose a spot that has ample light to help boost my blooms. So, I decided to plant them around the Guava tree. And I think that it was a right decision because, now, they are fully grown and the garden looks very colourful.

I feel that the gift was exceptionally valuable and it was exactly what I needed. Marigold flowers alone might not have looked good. This whole process helped me to understand the plantation process and the care that flowers require. Receiving this free gift made me feel happier for two reasons: Firstly, because I support movements that endorse care and consciousness about the nature and promoting environment preservation. Secondly, I was jubilant with the idea of buying Marigold, mixing it with some roses, and growing a colourful mix of shades of red and yellow.

To put it in a nutshell, this was a lovely experience of getting something useful for free and that’s simply because it connected me to nature even more.

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7 Band Answer

  • Nowadays, organizations and stores are attempting to draw in potential clients by offering various types of rewarding arrangements to increase their sales.
  • Today, I would like to talk about a free coffee which I got on my birthday.
  • Whenever I visit Ludhiana, I love to go to Starbucks as I am a huge fan of their brewed coffees.
  • Last year, during one of my visits, one of the salespersons in Starbucks advised me to register for a Starbucks exclusive membership card.
  • She told me that the card was free and there are a few astonishing advantages for regular Cappuccino consumers.
  • I was suspicious initially, and started weighing pros and cons of the membership card.
  • But after some convincing arguments by the staff, I agreed for the membership.
  • One of the perks was a free Cappuccino everyday during the whole birthday month.
  • At that time, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about this.
  • It was a sheer coincidence that I visited Starbucks in June (my birthday month) and they offered me a free Cappuccino.
  • I thought it would be some prank, so I insisted on paying for it.
  • Later I was told about this recently introduced free benefit under the card membership.
  • I felt so happy about it.
  • Assuming I would have paid for it, it would have costed me somewhere in range of 500-600 Rs.
  • My admiration for Starbucks have grown ever since.
  • That day, I got two more cards made for my father and my younger brother.
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Follow-up (9 Band)

IELTS Speaking Part-3 Describe something you received for free follow up questions:

1. Do you think people should pay for higher education? Why?

I think higher education should be partly paid by both students and governments. This is because of two reasons:

  • Firstly, Public funded education will create better class of skilled workers, who will boost economy, create companies, and ensure future progress.
  • Secondly, having students pay a minimum amount ensures that they feel a little responsibility and make prudent choices regarding education. 

I believe this is done best in Canada in my opinion. In Alberta, where I studied, the govt pays around 60% and student bears 40% of the higher education cost.

2. Is it good or bad for people to have a free education in the future?

Education is very crucial and it’s good for people to have primary and secondary education free of cost. However, I am afraid that people may not take free education seriously. They might undervalue their education when it is being handed to them on a silver platter.


3. What free gifts do companies usually give to their customers?

Companies distribute free vouchers, branded stationery items and even free products or services to their loyal customers. For example, the website 7 Cups provides free counselling and listening services to all its customers who are suffering from mental stress.

4. Why do customers like to receive free gifts from companies?

Customer bias towards free items is likely due to different reasons, but it is evident that emotions play a large role. They think that they’ve been loyal to a company for several years, so they would likely receive free gifts every now and then.

Describe something you received for free Follow up (7 band)

1. Do you think people should pay for higher education? Why?I most certainly believe that people should pay for higher education themselves. I think individuals should possibly go for advanced education when they are truly intrigued. Paying it for ourselves implies we do it just when we truly need to. Simultaneously, I feel that the administration should give loans and grants to help poor students so their education doesn’t suffer due to financial crunch.
2. Is it good or bad for people to have a free education in the future?I think free education has both good and bad consequences for people. Free education in the future would give students from low-income families the same opportunities as students from wealthy families. They would be able to pursue new things without worrying about their debt piling up. However, free education may lead to financial irresponsibility, as students will not take scholarships seriously.
3. What free gifts do companies usually give to their customers?In Canada, companies generally give gifts like coupons, calendars and mugs to their customers. Moreover, there are also marketing strategies like Buy one- get one free, Flat 50% discount etc, which are more of an advertisements masquerading as gifts.
4. Why do customers like to receive free gifts from companies?I think there could be no more liking than getting something for free. It is basic human instinct, when we get something free of charge we feel fortunate. So when we purchase something, we are continuously thinking, if there’s anything free with that product. We feel like cheated if we don’t get any free gifts from companies.
Describe something you received for free Follow up

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I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe something you received for free IELTS Cue card topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during a speaking examination, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and personalise your answer.

If you still have any doubts, post them in the comments.


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