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5 Best Immigration Lawyers in Surrey, BC (2023)

Looking for the best immigration lawyers in Surrey, British Columbia? If yes, this article contains everything you need!

Surrey is British Columbia’s second-largest city by population, and it’s about twenty kilometres from downtown Vancouver. From the lush landscapes of Green Timbers Urban Forest to the cultural diversity reflected in its neighbourhoods, Surrey offers a welcoming backdrop to your immigration journey. Housing is also less expensive than in Vancouver. As a result, Surrey attracts thousands of immigrants every year.

However, moving to a new city like Surrey is a challenging procedure that entails dealing with a lot of paperwork for visa applications and residency permits. To help you with this, we have handpicked 5 immigration law firms near you that can help you put your immigration case like a pro!

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TOP 5 Best Immigration Lawyers in Surrey, BC Near Me

Surrey’s Top 5 Immigration Lawyers

Searching for the best immigration lawyer near me? Following are the five immigration attorneys we’ve determined to be the best ones in Surrey, BC, Canada:

  1. Sedai Law Office (4.6/5)
  2. Brij Mohan & Associates (4.7/5)
  3. Sandhu Law Office (4.2/5)
  4. Mark & Company Law Corporation (3.9/5)
  5. Neha Bains Law Corporation (4.5/5)

1. Sedai Law Office

BEST KNOWN FORPermanent Residence, Temporary Residence, Visas, Citizenship
TELEPHONE+1 604-642-0842
LOCATION15225 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 6Y8, Canada

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Sedai Law Office is a name that’s synonymous with top-notch Canadian immigration and citizenship lawyer in Surrey. They advise individual clients and corporates around the globe who are destined to live and work across Canada.

Marina L. Sedai served as both the provincial chair of the CBA BC Immigration Law Section and the national chair of the Canadian Bar Association Immigration in the past. Since 2005, Marina has focused only on the practise of immigration and citizenship law. Employers, families, employees, students, and tourists are among her diversified set of clients. She acts as counsel on a variety of immigration and naturalisation petitions. Apart from this, she could be frequently seen speaking in public on related subjects.

Another thing is that you collaborate directly with attorneys who are aware of the impact your immigration application or a legal dispute will have on your family, business, finances, and general well-being.


  • Focuses exclusively on Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law
  • Also deals with Criminal Rehabilitations for persons with criminal convictions
  • Marina is an eloquent public speaker locally, nationally, and globally


“When I first started the immigration process to Canada 14 years ago, I met Marina. The idea of moving to Canada overwhelmed me as I prepared to tie the knot for the second time with a Canadian. Marina excelled. I can’t say enough about the individual attention to detail she provided to my husband, who is now Canadian, and me. Although Marina has very kind behaviour she is also very professional, informed, and reliable. I recently needed her guidance and had reason to get in touch. It was amazing that Marina recognized me after all these years, and she also took the time to talk to me and give me advice.” – Kathleen


2. Brij Mohan & Associates

Brij Mohan & Associates
BEST KNOWN FORImmigration Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury
TELEPHONE+1 604-598-0988
LOCATION12830 80 Ave #205, Surrey, BC V3W 3A8, Canada

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The next best immigration lawyer on our list is Mr Brij Mohan. With the Head Office in Surrey-Vancouver, BC and branch offices in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Brij Mohan & Associates offers legal solutions and representation to clients across Canada.

Brij Mohan earned his law degree from London Guildhall University in the United Kingdom. With almost three decades of courtroom trial expertise and numerous well-known published judgements, Brij Mohan is an accomplished attorney. The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest level of court in Canada, and Brij Mohan has been honoured to argue cases on behalf of his clients there. Moreover, he is a legitimate member of several Canadian law societies.

Whether you need assistance in Immigration Law, Criminal Defence, or Personal Injury cases; this law firm is your go-to place.


  • Conveniently located nationally at multiple locations across Canada 
  • High success rate in handling immigration cases
  • Skilled in the application of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and its application to various immigration issues


“Amazing services. Wonderful, Knowledgeable and experienced lawyers. I strongly recommend them for immigration legal issues.” – Inderpal

3. Sandhu Law Office

BEST KNOWN FORCriminal, Immigration, Family Law
IMMIGRATION LAWYERBikramjit (Bik) S. Sandhu
TELEPHONE+1 604-592-5434
LOCATION8128 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 1R1, Canada

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Since 2003, Sandhu Law Office has been offering exceptional Criminal, Immigration, and Family Law services in Surrey with lots of recognition under the hood. Their skilled lawyers will work alongside you to ensure that you receive the best solution to your immigration problem regardless of the size of the matter.

In 2010, Bikramjit Sandhu graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts. In 2014, he graduated from St. John’s University School of Law in New York City with a Juris Doctor degree after being awarded the renowned St. Thomas Moore Academic Scholarship. Furthermore, Bikramjit Sandhu has appeared in courts at all levels, including the Federal Court of Canada, British Columbia’s Provincial Court, and the British Columbia Supreme Court handling immigration issues.

Every case is different and if you want a highly-skilled, experienced Surrey immigration lawyer, Sandhu Law Office is the one you may consult.


  • More than 15 years of immigration law experience
  • Provide clients with effective, professional and skilled legal representation
  • Has appeared in various levels of court including Provincial Court of BC, Supreme Court of BC, and Federal Court of Canada


The best immigration lawyers available! Simplified my spousal application. Mr. Sandhu is knowledgeable, seasoned, and reliable. kept me informed, and their staff is excellent—they’re kind, speak Punjabi well, and they care! ICBC case also utilized Bik, and he was excellent.” – Kuldip

“Before handling my uncle’s refugee claim to Baldev Sandhu, I had consulted a great deal of lawyers. Hearings for refugees have gone well under his direction. He reviewed every aspect of the claim’s foundation and touched on every point while making preparations. Raj and JP, his employees, are incredibly polite and competent. At no point did Mr. Sandhu ask for money up front. Baldev Sandhu and his staff are the reason we were able to successfully file our refugee application. I personally appreciate Sandhu Law Firm.” – Hardev

4. Mark & Company Law Corporation

Mark & Company Law Corporation Surrey
Source: / Linda Mark
BEST KNOWN FORCanadian Citizenship, Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence, Appeals & Enforcement Matters
TELEPHONE+1 604-588-9800
LOCATION10808 130 St, Surrey, BC V3T 0A7, Canada

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Need help to achieve permanent residence and Canadian citizenship? or Struggling with study permits and temporary resident visas? Mark & Company Law Corporation has the solution for you. By providing you with a complete understanding of the legal system, their staff works hard to get you ready for the case.

Since the firm’s founding in 1990, Linda Mark, LL.B., Barrister and Solicitor, has served as its lead attorney and has been responsible for managing all facets of the legal services it offers. With over 30 years of experience, Linda Mark has helped clients from all over the world with their immigration needs. She is an active member of the Canadian Law Society of British Columbia.

She will discuss your needs and guide you in preparing for immigration. Normally, the consultation can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. But they also offer in-depth consultations which last for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.


  • Member in good standing of the Law Society of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Has over 30 years of experience in Immigration Law
  • Legal team offers personalized solutions with a locally-based representation 


“Great experience, and feel very comfortable when I use the service here. I strongly recommend when you need someone with a lot of experience in immigration. Thank you so much, Linda (Best lawyer in Surrey)!” – Vycang

5. Neha Bains Law Corporation

Neha Bains Law Corporation
Source: / Neha Bains
BEST KNOWN FORImmigration Law, Family Law, Wills & Estates
TELEPHONE+1 778-564-0411
LOCATION12830 80 Ave Unit 109, Surrey, BC V3W 3A8, Canada

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Lastly, we have Neha Bains, another amazing immigration lawyer in Surrey. Neha has years of family and immigration law experience that she has gained while working at several businesses.

She specialises in immigration law and gives her clients competent and reasonably priced counsel in all aspects of immigration law, including but not limited to visitor visas, work permits, study permits, and spousal sponsorships, not only in the Lower Mainland but across the nation.

Moreover, to engage temporary foreign workers, she also helps clients acquire Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA).


  • Specialize in all aspects of Canadian immigration and citizenship law
  • Helpful, friendly, hard-working, and knowledgeable attorney
  • Also assist employers in obtaining Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and conducting employer compliance


“Neha was a pleasure to deal with; she is an experienced attorney who provides sound guidance on immigration-related issues. If you’re seeking assistance from an immigration lawyer, I would strongly recommend her.” – Sohail

Canadian Govt. Immigration Fees

The Canadian government levies various fees for the submission of applications. Depending on the visa programme you are applying for, the size of your family, and your age, the fees might range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Payment is normally made when you send in your application and documentation, although it actually depends on the exact visa or programme. You can pay the cost in Canadian dollars, or with a credit card, bank draft, cheque, or money order.

You can find updated information on fees in the application guides.

Why should I hire a Surrey Immigration Lawyer?

Hiring an immigration lawyer is not a prerequisite as part of the immigration process. However, there are several reasons why someone would employ a lawyer in Surrey to help them with their immigration issue:

  • Firstly, immigration issues are frequently complicated by a person’s circumstances
  • Secondly, some people have difficulties when it comes to their command of the English language or their capacity to create the documents needed for their application
  • Thirdly, some individuals lack the necessary time or motivation to create their own applications

So this would not be wrong to say that an experienced immigration attorney has the knowledge and experience to help with the preparation and assembling of the necessary papers and can assist in navigating the complexities of the challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent residence in Canada?

An individual who has been awarded permanent resident status through immigration to Canada has the right to live and work there, but they do not have Canadian citizenship.

How to check if my legal agent is authorized?

You can check with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to make sure your Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is a licenced advisor (ICCRC).

All of the individuals who are qualified to be Canadian Immigration Consultants are listed on the website of the ICCRC. Any person who makes the claim to be a legal advisor will have an RCIC code. If a person’s RCIC code yields no results, they are not a legitimate Canadian immigration consultant.

What happens if my Canadian citizenship application is denied?

If your application for Canadian citizenship has been rejected, you have three options which can be exercised with the help of an immigration lawyer:

(1) appeal the decision to the Federal Court of Canada
(2) submit a new application for Canadian citizenship
(3) request a judicial review of the decision from the Federal Court of Canada

Our Final Thoughts

To sum things up, if you’re in dire need of an immigration law firm in Surrey and nearby, these 5 Immigration Lawyers could be your best bet. They can play a pivotal role in transforming your immigration process into a secure and gratifying experience. Put your trust in their knowledge, and prepare for a smooth start to your new chapter in the vibrant city of Surrey.

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Best immigration lawyer in Surrey, British Columbia
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