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[7+] Describe a fishing area that you visited once IELTS Cue-Card

In Describe a fishing area that you visited once Cue Card, you should say:

  1. Where it is?
  2. How do you know about it?
  3. When and with whom did you go there?
  4. Explain how the overall experience was?
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Here are the band 7+ sample answers to Describe a fishing area that you visited once IELTS Speaking Cue Card:

Sample Answer 1

Introducing a fishing area

  • The experience of fishing and angling are much sought after these days, and those of us who would like to take part in it here in India can easily do so.
  • The Indian hospitality industry has taken great caution to give its guests tailored experiences, and fishing is one such experience.
  • So today, I would happily talk about my recent fishing adventure at a nearby lake.

Where it is?

  • Damdama Lake is one of the largest natural fishing areas in Haryana.
  • The lake is immensely popular among tourists because of the picturesque Aravalli Hills that surround it and the number of adventure sports that it has to offer.
  • Besides, one can enjoy activities like Kayaking, Parasailing and Rowing when here.
  • Fishing is a great option for laid back evenings, for there is nothing better than angling in the vicinity of the hills.
  • The Lakeside Bar is the icing on the cake.

How do you know about it?

  • My brother works at an MNC in Gurugram. He went there quite a few times.
  • He told me about this perfect lake setting for a fishing experience par excellence.

When and with whom did you go there?

  • I called my friends and booked a cab. We went there on Sunday.
  • My brother rented a rowboat and we rowed for miles to the fishing grounds.
  • There, we found various species of fish; like the Goonch, Mahseer and Brown Trout to name a few.
  • I think the lake is a goldmine for Brown Trout fishing.

Explain how the overall experience was?

  • It was a nice experience overall. If you ever wanted to fish, or would try your hand at it, then this place has the perfect opportunity.
  • You can always sit by the lake and enjoy the sight of sunrise and sunset on the horizon. 
  • Besides fishing, the place also offers nature walks and treks, so you are in for a stupendous experience here at The Damdama Lake.

Concluding the Cue Card

  • Fishing can be carried out at Damadama Lake all around the year but the months of October and June are considered best for making a plan for angling.
  • The permits for fishing can be arranged by the hotels and resorts located around the region. So there’s one less thing to worry about!

Sample Answer 2

My neighbourhood is not on the coast. It is a landlocked place surrounded by major cities. So, except for a few ponds, there aren’t many places to go fishing. However, there is a body of water around 85 kilometres from my hometown that has an excellent fishing location.

My passion for fishing and fishing gear began in my early infancy when curiosity was at its best and the drive to learn was strongest. Nangal is a small town where the majority of the people is involved in some way with the dam and reservoir.

There are several distinct species of fish at this dam. In geography class at school, I learned about the dam and reservoir. My uncle used to take me there when I was little. He drove from our town to Nangal once a week. He extended an open invitation for me to spend the holidays there with my pals.

So, on Monday morning, my uncle and I went there. We explored the town until around 5.30 PM, and then he joined us in the evening and showed us all the sights. He drove us to a reservoir where we observed numerous local fisherman selling their catch.

We saw several fishing nets in the lake, but most of the fishing was done in the morning. We went along the reservoir’s rim, which had a lovely river walk along its edge, and enjoyed the cool breeze. The next day, we spent the entire day by the reservoir, swimming, playing volleyball, and even attempting and failing terribly at fishing.

Anyway, this would have to be my favourite memory of a fishing spot I visited once.

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The probable Describe a fishing area that you visited once follow up questions that may be asked by the examiner in Speaking Part-3 of the test will be updated soon.



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I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe a fishing area that you visited once IELTS Cue card topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during the exam, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and personalize your answer.

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