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[IELTS] Describe An Interesting Person That You Have Not Met in Person And Would Like To Know More About – Cue Card

In Describe An Interesting Person That You Have Not Met in Person And Would Like To Know More About IELTS Speaking Cue Card and Follow-ups, You should answer the following questions:

  • Who this person is?
  • How did you know her?
  • What interesting things she has done?
  • Explain what you would like to know more about her.

Describe An Interesting Person That You Have Not Met in Person And Would Like To Know More About Model Answer

Please be aware that you will be speaking for one to two minutes on the Describe An Interesting Person That You Have Not Met in Person And Would Like To Know More About topic. You will have one minute to prepare your thoughts. Therefore, it is advised that you create a list of bullet points outlining the things you plan to cover.


Think about someone you’ve never met but find interesting. That’s the person I want to talk about. Even though we haven’t met face-to-face, I’m eager to learn more about them. Their story and achievements have caught my attention, making me want to discover more about the fascinating person they are.

Who this person is?

The person I would like to talk about is Alisha Jacob, a remarkable individual whose achievements and character have left a lasting impression on me. Alisha is not just an accomplished entrepreneur but also a dedicated philanthropist, contributing significantly to various social causes. Her dynamic personality and commitment to making a positive impact in both business and society make her an intriguing figure worth exploring further.

How did you know her?

I first came to know Alisha through a mutual friend who spoke highly of her accomplishments and positive influence in various fields. Although we haven’t met in person, her reputation precedes her, making her an interesting person to learn more about. Our initial connection through our shared social circle and the stories about her exceptional achievements have piqued my curiosity, prompting a desire to delve deeper into her life and experiences.

What interesting things she has done?

Alisha Jacob has a diverse range of accomplishments that make her interesting. She has excelled in the corporate world, climbing the ranks to become a successful entrepreneur. Her journey involves founding and leading a tech startup that has not only achieved remarkable financial success but has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainable business practices.

Additionally, her philanthropic efforts in supporting education initiatives for underprivileged children and environmental conservation projects showcase her commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Explain what you would like to know more about her.

I am particularly interested in learning more about Ms. Jacob’s journey to success, her leadership philosophy, and the specific experiences that have shaped her perspective. Understanding her approach to balancing professional success with meaningful contributions to society would provide valuable insights and inspiration.

Furthermore, delving into her interests, such as her hobbies, favourite books, or sources of inspiration, would help create a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of this remarkable individual. Exploring the challenges she faced and how she overcame them would provide valuable lessons for personal and professional growth.

Concluding the cue card

So, after learning about this fascinating person’s life, I discovered that her narrative is engaging even from a distance. It serves as a reminder that even if we haven’t met them, people may teach and inspire us. The stories of such people demonstrate that there is always more to learn and admire about the various lives people lead, even if we are not directly involved in them.


Describe An Interesting Person That You Have Not Met in Person And Would Like To Know More About Follow-ups

Here are some probable follow-up questions that could be asked by your IELTS Speaking examiner on the cue card topic – Describe An Interesting Person That You Have Not Met in Person And Would Like To Know More About:

1. Are there any differences in the relationship between you and your friends and between you and other people?

Sure! Friends are people I’m really close to. We trust each other, share a lot of things, and spend a lot of time together. With other people, like classmates or acquaintances, our connection is not as strong. We might talk during classes or projects, but it’s not as personal as with friends. So, the level of closeness and how much we share can be different depending on whether it’s a friend or someone else.

2. Do people feel lonely in crowded cities?

Yes, even though cities have a lot of people, some individuals still feel lonely. This might happen because it’s challenging to make meaningful connections with others in the fast and busy city life. Despite being surrounded by many people, someone might feel alone if they don’t have close relationships or if it’s hard to connect with others in such a large and bustling environment. Feeling lonely can happen to people in both busy cities and quieter places.

3. Where and how can people get to know new people?

You can meet new people in different places and ways. Go to social events, join clubs or sports teams, take classes or workshops, volunteer for activities you care about, use online platforms, attend networking events, or participate in local community events. Also, consider joining a gym or fitness class. The key is to be open, friendly, and willing to start conversations. Meeting people becomes easier when you share common interests or experiences.

4. Can clothing tell and reveal a person’s personality?

Yes, the clothes someone wears can give hints about their personality. The style, colors, and details in their clothing choices might tell you about their preferences and how they like to express themselves.

For example, someone who likes bright colors might be more outgoing, while someone who prefers simple styles might like things organized. However, it’s important to remember that clothing is just one part of who a person is, and it’s not the whole picture. People express themselves in many ways, and you need to consider other things to really understand someone.

5. Why do individuals from the same family have different personalities?

People in the same family can have different personalities because they inherit a mix of genes, and their experiences and interactions within and outside the family are unique. Factors like birth order, parenting styles, and individual experiences contribute to shaping each person’s personality. Additionally, people may have different coping mechanisms, natural traits, and personal choices that make them distinct. Even though family members share similarities, the combination of these factors results in the diversity of personalities within a family.

6. How does society influence a person’s personality?

Society has a strong impact on who we are and how we act. Our culture, the people around us, and the rules society set influence our behaviour and thinking. We learn from our families, friends, and the media about what’s expected and considered normal. School, where we learn not just about subjects but also about social skills, adds to this.

The way society sees us based on our age, gender, and where we come from affects how we see ourselves. Our friends and the people we spend time with, especially during our teenage years, also have a big influence. The money we have and our lifestyle play a role too. Even different cultures can shape our personalities, making us more or less confident or cooperative. So, in a nutshell, society and its many aspects play a big part in making us who we are.

Our Final Thoughts

So, that’s all you need to say in Describe An Interesting Person That You Have Not Met in Person And Would Like To Know More About Cue card to get a band 7 or higher in the IELTS Speaking Part – 2 of the exam.

If you still need any help, feel free to ask in the comments.


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