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[IELTS] Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life in Good Ways – Cue Card

In Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life in Good Ways IELTS Speaking Cue Card and Follow-ups, You should answer the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • When and where it happened?
  • How you felt about it?
  • Explain how it changed your life in good ways.

Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life in Good Ways Model Answer

Please be aware that you will be speaking for one to two minutes on the Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life in Good Ways topic. You will have one minute to prepare your thoughts. Therefore, it is advised that you create a list of bullet points outlining the things you plan to cover.


Life is like a big adventure, full of surprises and changes. One of the most exciting parts of my journey was a solo trip to Southeast Asia. It wasn’t just about visiting new places; it was a journey that turned my life around. In this story, I’ll share the details of this special trip and how it made me see the world in a whole new way.

What happened?

During my trip, I experienced a lot of different things that made it special. From exploring busy markets to learning about different cultures, each moment added something unique to my journey. For example, I tried exotic foods, met friendly locals, and discovered the beauty of ancient temples. It wasn’t just a trip; it was like stepping into a whole new world.

When and where it happened?

This life-changing adventure took place over a few months, starting from [Month] to [Month] of [Year]. I travelled to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, each bringing its own colours to my adventure. Picture this: bustling markets filled with vibrant colours, serene temples telling stories of the past, and beautiful landscapes that took my breath away.

How you felt about it?

In the beginning, I felt a mix of excitement and a little bit of nervousness about travelling alone. As I went through my journey, I felt amazed by the beauty around me and grateful for the chance to experience new things. Sure, there were moments of uncertainty, but overcoming those challenges made the adventure even more rewarding. It was like a rollercoaster of emotions, with each twist and turn bringing something new.

Explain how it changed your life in good ways.

This trip wasn’t just about going to new places. It helped me become more confident and independent by facing challenges and figuring things out on my own. For instance, navigating through unfamiliar streets or trying to communicate in a language I didn’t know – these experiences made me stronger. Learning about different cultures also made me appreciate the differences in people, making me see the world in a more positive way. It’s like putting on a pair of glasses that make everything look brighter and more exciting.

Concluding the cue card

Looking back, my solo trip was like a big turning point in my life. It showed me that sometimes the best changes happen when we step out of our comfort zone. The lessons I learned, the new perspectives I gained, and the positive way I now see the world all came from this adventure. Life is full of surprises, and this trip was one of the best chapters in my journey, reminding me that the most meaningful changes often come when we embrace the unknown.


Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life in Good Ways Follow-ups

Here are some probable follow-up questions that could be asked by your IELTS Speaking examiner on the cue card topic – Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life in Good Ways:

1. Is your country changing rapidly?

India is changing a lot and in many ways. More people are getting better jobs and starting new businesses. We are using technology a lot, like on our phones and computers, which helps us connect and do things faster. Even though we still love our traditions, especially the older ways of doing things, younger people are open to new ideas and lifestyles.

Cities are getting better with new buildings and ways to travel. There’s also a focus on taking care of the environment. But, with all these changes, there are some problems too, like more people moving to cities, which can make things crowded. India’s journey is like a mix of keeping our traditions alive and trying new things to make life better for everyone.

2. What can smartphones do these days?

Smartphones are like magic boxes that can do many cool things! You can call and text your friends, browse the internet, and use apps for social media like Facebook and Instagram. They have cameras to take pictures and shoot videos, and you can even edit them. Smartphones are also great for entertainment – you can watch movies, play games, and listen to music on apps like Netflix and Spotify.

Need to find your way? Smartphones can help with that too! They have GPS to show you where to go and even tell you about traffic. You can use them to work too – edit documents, set reminders, and manage your schedule. They’re like a mini-computer in your pocket.

3. Since most people do work on their computers, why do they still need to go to the office?

People might still need to go to the office because some jobs require teamwork and in-person collaboration. Being physically present can also help build a strong company culture and provide access to specialized equipment. In certain industries, there are security concerns, and some roles involve regular face-to-face interactions with clients or partners.

Additionally, going to the office can help maintain a clear work-life balance for some individuals. Technological limitations and the need for direct supervision or training are also factors. The extent to which people need to go to the office varies across industries and roles. The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced remote work practices, but the reasons for going to the office can still be valid for many.

4. Do you think people’s work in the future will be heavily affected by technology?

Yes, technology will continue to influence how we work in the future. It has the potential to automate some processes, increase the prevalence of remote labor, and revolutionize the way businesses operate. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence, for example, will also play a role. This may result in new work opportunities, but it may also necessitate the acquisition of new skills in order to stay up with the changes. As a whole, I believe that the future of employment will contain a mix of humans and technology.

5. Compare the pace of technological progress in the past and in the present.

Technology is advancing much faster now than it did in the past. This is because we can quickly share information globally, invest a lot in research and development, and build on existing knowledge. Different technologies often come together, and people around the world collaborate on projects, speeding up progress.

The global competition and the widespread use of digital technologies also contribute to this fast-paced development. While this rapid progress brings many benefits, it also comes with challenges that need to be addressed. Overall, technology is evolving quickly compared to earlier times.

Our Final Thoughts

So, that’s all you need to say in Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life in Good Ways Cue card to get a band 7 or higher in the IELTS Speaking exam.

If you still need any help, feel free to ask in the comments.


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