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Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home IELTS Cue-Card

In Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home IELTS Speaking cue card, you’ll be asked to speak about a household equipment that is of paramount importance in your home. You should say:

☑️ How you got it?

☑️ What you use it for?

☑️ How often you use it?

☑️ Explain why you think it’s useful?

NOTE – You have one minute to think about what you are going to say, then you’ll have to talk about the topic for one-to-two minutes. A paper and a pencil will be given so that you can make some notes if you wish.

For easier understanding, I have divided Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home Cue Card into three parts – IntroductionQuestions, and Conclusion.

Introducing a piece of equipment

Technology is the result of human inventiveness. We are neither strong like gorillas or tigers, nor fast like cheetahs and hawks, but our brain has given birth to equipments that made us ruling species on the planet. So today, I would take this opportunity to talk about Television – a technology marvel that is an important part of our household.

How you got it in your home?

We bought an LG 55 inch 4K television in Black Friday sale. Frankly speaking, buying a new TV can feel like a daunting task. There are a lot of different models, and sales seemingly happen every week, but Black Friday is usually the best time of the year to buy a TV.

It’s the time that new models see major discounts in doorbuster deals, making it the perfect occasion to fetch a great offer.

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What you use it for?

Every member of my family use it differently. I prefer to use television to binge-watch my favourite Netflix shows whereas my mother is a die-hard fan of talent & reality shows so she watch them on TV.

Also, the television has one revolutionary feature i.e. the equipment acts as an elegant & modern photo frame and looks like a real frame hanging on the wall. My father commonly use this feature to exhibit his wildlife photography.

How often you use it?

I use it quite often! I watch it every morning for like 1-2 hours mainly to see weather updates and local news. Then in the evening, after returning from workplace, I go on a TV spree to watch my dearly loved Netflix shows.

Explain why you think it’s important?

Well, the most obvious use of television is, of course, watching it, be it the news, your favourite daily soap, a hit new drama or film. Besides this, Television could also be a new gym.

For example, my grandmother used to practice yoga by watching sessions on TV.

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Concluding the cue card

In the end I would just say that… Television is an inescapable part of modern culture. Our lives depend on this equipment for entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports and even music.


Following are the probable set of IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow up questions that could be asked in Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home cue card:

How do you think modern technology has changed the way we work?

That’s an interesting question.. because modern technology has completely transformed the way we work. For instance, sending correspondence (email) at the click of a button is far more convenient than physically go and send it through mail. Moreover, work sectors like banking & accounting have become super efficient..All thanks to the modern computers!!

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Do you think operating equipment at work can ever have some bad effect on health?

Yes! It may have an adverse effect on health. An example would be, if an unskilled person tries to operate heavy equipments it may cause an injury or accident. Furthermore, operating equipment without safety gear definitely put everyone’s life in danger.

Do you think employees should be trained in use of equipment?

Absolutely! Training employees during the start of the job is indispensable. Because a skilled employee will safely use the equipment and hence serve the company interests better.

Are there any disadvantages of using modern equipment too much at home?

As it’s said, There is no garden without weeds. Using modern tools excessively at home has serious repercussions. Equipments such as Smartphones, Computers have the potential to break interactions within a family if their use is not optimal. People have become slaves to things like Calculators and hence losing their analytical abilities.

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I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home IELTS Cue card topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during the exam, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and personalise your answer.

If you still have any doubts, post them in the comments.


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