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Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS Cue-Card

In Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS Speaking cue card, you’ll be asked to speak about a plan unrelated to work/study that you’ve made in your life. You should say:

☑️ What it is about?

☑️ Why you made this plan?

☑️ What you need to do first?

☑️ How you feel if it is successful?

NOTE-> You have one minute to think about what you are going to say, then you’ll have to talk about the topic for one-to-two minutes. A paper and a pencil will be given so that you can make some notes if you wish.

For easier understanding, I have divided this IELTS Speaking Cue Card into three parts ➡️ IntroductionQuestions, and Conclusion.

Introducing a plan not related to work or study

Everybody prepares their bucket list about things they wish to do. So today I’d take this opportunity to talk about one such plan of my life which is completely unrelated to work or study.

What it is about?

Well! It’s about visiting Kedarnath Temple. It is a famous Hindu temple located at Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand.

Why you made this plan?

Actually when I was a small child, my parents took me there and for all these years I’ve been hearing stories about the place, its weather and the holy shrine. Therefore, I crafted this plan to visit the place and paint my imagination into reality. Moreover, my parents are willing to go to Kedarnath so I have also planned to take them alongside me.

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What you need to do first?

Firstly, I need to check for train reservation whether it’s available or not. Holidays are coming up so it may be an uphill task. Secondly, the temple is located at high altitude and as such I need to buy some important things like essential medicines, clothing & snow shoes etc.

How you feel if it is successful?

If the plan gets successful then I feel I would be the luckiest person on earth to accompany my parents on this great holy journey. Moreover, the place has peace & tranquility to make me feel revitalised once again.

Concluding the cue card

In the end I’d just say that.., goals provide a concrete destination to our life journey. So we should not always plan our goals around the work or study; rather we should explore other dimensions of it.

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Following are the probable set of IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow up questions for Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study cue card:

Do you think it is important to have a career plan?

It is extremely important to have a career plan. It provide us necessary direction and thrust to move forward in life. As it’s said, Not to have a career plan is like sailing in a rudderless boat, bound to break into pieces on coming in contact with the very first rock.

How do most people plan their future education and career?

Large section of people take advice from their elders, teachers or career counsellors to plan their future.

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Do you think salary is important factor in career plan?

Absolutely! Salary is primordial factor in career planning. We’re living in an era of Capitalism where everything is measured in terms of money. But one should strike a balance between life and salary. As it’s generally seen that high paying jobs are more demanding and overbearing on life.

What kinds of personal plans do people make for themselves?

People I think set goals about their health, study, financial richness.., and also not to forget their plans for marriage.

Should parents set goals for children?

The way I see it.., Parents should set goals for their child but only after consulting with them and taking their interests into consideration. It should not be case that high expectations crush a child’s dream.

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I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS Cue card topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during the exam, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and personalise your answer.

If you still have any doubts, post them in the comments.


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