Describe a time you bought something from a street/outdoor market

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In Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market IELTS Speaking cue card, you’ll be asked to speak about a time when you purchased something from a local market. You should say:

☑️ When it was?

☑️ Where the market was?

☑️ What you bought?

☑️ How you felt about it?

NOTEYou have one minute to think about what you are going to say, then you’ll have to talk about the topic for one-to-two minutes. A paper and a pencil will be given so that you can make some notes if you wish.

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For easier understanding, I’ve divided this IELTS Speaking Cue Card Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market into three sub-topics – Introductionrelevant Questions, and Conclusion.


Today, people may purchase street food for a number of reasons, such as convenience, to get flavourful food for a reasonable price in a sociable setting, prompt service, to try ethnic cuisines, or simply for nostalgia. So today, I’d like to talk about a time when I brought street deliciousness to my home.

When it was?

Actually, last Saturday, it was a beautiful evening so I took stroll around the local market. Our neighbourhood has a central place where the residents can go and shop for their needs. It’s called Town square.. which is quite popular among foodies.

Where the market was?

Town square market is located at the heart of Sector – 15, Pune in Maharashtra. Due to its proximity to the national highway, it can easily be accessed through public or private transport. Although, sometimes traffic may frustrate you but still it doesn’t dampen the spirit of visiting the market.

What you bought?

I was feeling famished, so I bought the world famous Maharashtrian Vada Pav for me from Sodhi’s Kitchen in the market. The vendor picked up a square-shaped bread, called ‘Pav’ and sliced it open with a doctor-like precision and finesse. He slathered it with a green chutney and a garlic chutney and placed the Vada in between the two layers of Pav. He wrapped it in a square paper cutout made with an old newspaper and handed it over to me along with 2 fried green chillies in exchange for around 30 bucks.

How you felt about it?

The moment I bit into the “Vada Pav”, its taste etched a gastronomical memory in my mind that I will never forget. It was, in simple words, just DELICIOUS! I could feel the tang of both chutneys spread across my tongue.


In the end, I’d just tell you that … the foundation of any strong culinary heritage is street food and the vada pav is a desi burger which even McDonald’s can’t master.

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Following are the probable set of IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow up questions that could be asked in Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market cue card:

What kind of markets are there in India?

Well…There is no simple answer to that. INDIAN markets and economic structure are as varied as it’s diverse and pluralistic ways of life. Broadly, it is of two types – Online market & Offline market. Flipkart and Amazon are two online retail giants, whereas Malls, Supermarkets, Exclusive outlets, street markets are part of offline market.

Do you think small markets will disappear in the future?

No, I do not think so! In fact, small markets are adapting to the changing business landscape. Most of them have already built their online presence to compete with online super brands. Furthermore, Small markets have cost advantage in comparison with products sold at malls; since they don’t need to pay hefty rentals. So I don’t think small businesses will a doomsday very soon..

Have people’s shopping habits changed in recent years?

Indeed, there has been a sea change in consumer habits in recent years. While the shift to online shopping has been near universal across categories, high-income earners and millennials are leading the way. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has also given a big boost to online shopping trend and this change has come around only in the last few years.

What are the differences between shopping in street markets and big shopping malls?

In big shopping malls, the prices are fixed and people grab products on their own and there is nobody to provide instruction or advice. However, in street markets, there is a lot of bargaining and the products are properly introduced in detail by the salespersons.

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I hope you learnt well about how to answer Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market [IELTS Cue Card]. It is advised not to reproduce the same answer during examination, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and make it look like your personal answer.

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