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[7+] Describe a long walk you ever had IELTS Cue-Card

In IELTS Speaking Part-2 Describe a long walk you ever had IELTS cue card topic, you will answer to the following questions:

  1. When this happened?
  2. Where you walked?
  3. Who you were with?
  4. Explain how you felt about this walk?

Also, Describe a long walk you ever had Follow-up questions could be:

  • What outdoor activities do people like?
  • What are the differences between the outdoor activities children did in the past and now?
  • Is leisure important to everyone? why?
  • Do women have more leisure than men?

NOTEYou have one minute to think about what you are going to say, then you’ll have to talk about the topic for 1-2 minutes. A paper and a pencil will be given so we advise you to make some relevant pointers on the topic.

IELTS Speaking Part-2 Describe a long walk you ever had cue card topic
Describe a long walk you ever had cue card

Let’s dive into the Sample answers and Follow up questions of Describe a long walk you ever had IELTS cue card:

Model Answer 1

Introducing a long walk

I go for a walk every evening for about half an hour. But here, I would like to mention about a long walk that I had.

When this happened?

One of my closest siblings arrived at my house last week after a long hiatus of two years. Actually, he returned from Australia after completing his post-graduation. He had come home for his Christmas holidays and so he thought of visiting me.

Where you walked?

Because my house was overcrowded with guests, we went to a park located within the hailing distance from my home. So that we could chat without any disturbance. It has a dedicated jogging track and a brisk walking path, so we started walking and discussed our day-to-day activities. He told me how he adjusted to the Australian climate. He confessed his love for Aussie food. I told him my stories related to work and founding a new real-estate company.

Who you were with?

He briefed me all about his studies and about his stay there. He told me that initially he was overwhelmed with foreign way of living, but he sorted it out and now he is very happy living there. He is a pure vegetarian, so had some initial hiccups while finding veg food out there.

Then he found an Indian store that sells desi groceries and he started to cook for himself. He also told me that he worked 20 hours a week during his studies so that he could pay his mortgage. I realized from his stories that beautiful places like Australia often come with some hardships.

Explain how you felt about this walk?

The conversation was deeply intriguing. We both did not realise that we had been walking for 1.5 hours. He tracked our walking progress on his apple watch and we were surprised to see the metrics. Surprisingly, we did not feel tired.

Then, we came home and he talked to my sisters and mom about sending me to Australia on a Work permit. Somehow my parents were also convinced with his talking.


In the end, I would like to tell you that it was a long memorable walk and I’ll never forget our conversation, which could lead my life on a completely different path.

Relaxing long walk in the rain by Nomadic Ambience

Model Answer 2

  • I take a walk each day, yet that is just for around 20-40 minutes. Here, I might want to discuss a long walk that I did in December.
  • It was a trip of 14 kms, what began from Dharamkot (close to Macleodganj) in Himachal and finished at Triund.
  • Dharamkot to Triund is 7 kms, so the absolute trip is 14 kms.
  • My cousin had informed me concerning this trip thus I additionally needed to get it done.
  • I went there with four of my companions.
  • We drove in our vehicle and remained at an inn in Mcleodganj.
  • We woke up promptly the following morning and prepared.
  • We wore agreeable garments and strolling shoes for the trip.
  • In the wake of eating, we drove in our vehicle till Dharamkot.
  • From that point we began our journey at around 9:00am.
  • It was a reasonable and radiant day.
  • We were all exceptionally invigorated and the initial 3 kms were covered rapidly.
  • Be that as it may, when we arrived at the midpoint, the greater part of us were extremely worn out.
  • We halted for certain rewards and a break, at a tea slow down.
  • The view from that tea-slow down was entrancing and amazing.
  • Then, at that point, we continued our journey lastly, following 4 hours of strolling, we arrived at Triund.
  • The view there was staggering.
  • The excellence of the Himalayas awed us.
  • There were likewise a few snow-shrouded regions and we appreciated playing with the snow.
  • We took a ton of pictures there.
  • We had delectable lunch there, which was newly cooked and begun the excursion back to Dharamkot.
  • The journey back didn’t accept us as long and we were back in Mcleodganj by 6.30pm.
  • It was an invigorating (astounding) experience and we as a whole felt restored and re-energized.
  • At whatever point we meet, we actually think back (talk) regarding that outing and how stunning the experience was.


Following are the IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow up questions that could be asked in Describe a long walk you ever had cue card:

What outdoor activities do people like?

I believe that most individuals enjoy going for a run or a walk in the park because these activities are simple to perform and do not involve any financial commitment. However, many individuals have just begun riding, particularly in my city, following the Covid lockdowns. People are getting more aware of their fitness, I believe.

What are the differences between the outdoor activities children did in the past and now?

Children used to play simple activities like hide and seek, tag, and running in the park, but nowadays they prefer professional sports such as soccer, cricket, and skating.

Is leisure important to everyone? why?

Well, it is vital for everyone to spend some time on amusement, and one should surely take a break during the day because the brain deserves some rest in today’s frenetic world. People should take time to rejuvenate in order to be able to concentrate or focus better on their activities later.

Do women have more leisure than men?

Leisure, in my opinion, has nothing to do with a person’s gender. It is entirely dependent on the nature of the individual; some individuals prefer to work hard while others want to spend more time amusing themselves. My working mother and father, on the other hand, spend an equal amount of time on leisure activities at home.

Model Answers 2: Follow ups
What outdoor activities do people like?
I think generally individuals like to take a run or stroll in the park on the grounds that these exercises should be possible effectively and don’t need any financial venture. In any case, recently, many individuals have additionally begun cycling particularly in my city exceptionally after the Coronavirus lock downs. I think individuals become more cognizant with regards to their wellness.

What are the differences between the outdoor activities children did in the past and now?
Kids used to play basic games like find the stowaway, tag and running in the recreation area however these days youngsters are more disposed towards pro athletics they love to play soccer, cricket or some kids go for skating training.

Is leisure important to everyone? why?
Well everybody must invest some energy on diversion and one ought to have some time off during the day in light of the fact that in the present rushed style the cerebrum certainly merits some rest. Individuals ought to invest energy restoring with the goal that they can focus or zero in better on their errands later on.

Do women have more leisure than men?
I don’t think Leisure has got anything to do with the sexual orientation of an individual. It simply relies on an person’s character, certain individuals like to try sincerely though others like to invest more energy in engaging themselves. Truth be told, at my home my mom and father, who are both working, spend an equivalent measure of time on relaxation exercises.


Describe a long walk you ever had IELTS Cue Card

‘Describe a long walk you ever had’ IELTS cue card (2022) with Band 8+ sample answer & Follow up questions.

I hope it gives you a realistic idea on how to carry conversation around this topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during examination, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and personalize your answer.

If you still have any doubts, post them in the comments.


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