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[7+] Describe your first day at school IELTS Cue-Card

In this updated post, you will learn how to Describe your first day at school IELTS Speaking cue card topic in simple words and what answers you should say for:

  • Where it was?
  • How did you go?
  • What happened that day?
  • How you felt on that day?

Describe your first day at school IELTS Cue Card

Let’s dive into the ‘Describe your first day at school’ IELTS cue card (2022) with Band 8+ sample answer & Follow up questions:

Model Answer 1


There are so many events in our life which we cherish on different days. Similarly, going to school for the first time is also memorable.

Here, I would take this opportunity to talk about my first day into the realm of education.

Where it was?

  • It was the month of April. At that time, I was six years old.
  • My parents got me admitted to Delhi Public School, Patiala.
  • The school was centrally located in the city and connected to two state libraries.

How did you go?

  • My mother woke me up early in the morning and after my bath and breakfast, I got dressed in my brand new school uniform for the first time.
  • The feeling it gave me was unforgettable.
  • Since it was my first day so my parents dropped me off to the school by car.

What happened that day?

  • I vividly remember my first day at school.
  • My class teacher was very gentle and kind. The boys were looking at me like I was from some other planet.
  • I had my first school lesson in English alphabets.
  • During lunch break, the students rushed out of the classrooms and gathered around me. In an effort to befriend me, they offered me their lunch.
  • The last bell went at three in the afternoon. I took my bag and hurried back to my home. That’s how my first day went at the school.

How you felt on that day?

  • As far as feelings are concerned, I had many unknown fears that day.
  • Much like any other child, I was excited as well as scared on my first day.
  • I clearly remember not letting go of my mother’s hand, hesitant to go into the classroom.
  • But once I settled in the class and talked to other students, I felt comforted.
  • Moreover, I felt intrigued by the colourful walls of the school full of animated characters.


In the end, I would just say that… My first day at school was gratifying. I feel pride when I look back at it and share my experience with others.

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Model Answer 2:

  • I have been to two schools in my day to day existence.
  • My elementary school was not quite the same as my high school.
  • I have fainted memories of my primary school as I was a tiny tot at that time.
  • Here, I would love to describe my primary school where I spent my early days of education.
  • My school’s name was St. Xavier Senior Secondary School.
  • I clearly recollect that I was extremely anxious that day.
  • This school was huge as compared to that of my elementary school.
  • I was afraid of getting lost there.
  • However, I was somewhat excited.
  • I just strolled inside the premises with different students and went where they were going.
  • I was another newbie for them so many of them were gazing at me.
  • Fortunately, I got some information from a girl about where 5th grade classroom was.
  • Coincidently, she was also in the 5th standard.
  • And, then she introduced me to her group.
  • That was the start of my new friendship on the very first day.
  • Her name was Jazleen and till today we are in touch.
  • She made me feel comfortable and all my apprehensions disappeared.
  • We went to the classes before the mid-day break and during break she showed me the entire school.
  • I was awed by the framework of the school.
  • There were independent labs for physical science, science, and software engineering.
  • There was a multi-story library.
  • Badminton and volleyball courts were also present in the school premises.
  • I feel that most of the staff were extremely decent and well respected by the students.
  • I studied there for about 5 years.
  • Certainly, that was the best phase of my life.
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Describe your first day at school Follow-ups

Following are the IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow up questions that could be asked in Describe your first day at school cue card:

1. Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves?

I think parents should either drop their children to the school or arrange for their transportation, if they are minor. But it is absolutely OK if they let their children to go by themselves in higher classes.

2. Should children rely on their parents or be independent?

It is incontrovertible that children rely on parents for most of their childhood. There is nothing wrong in it, I believe! But once they start earning, they should become independent.


3. How can children become more independent?

Well! A child can only stand on its feet if he can make decisions not only for himself but also for the family. Parents should teach them that how to think independently. They should often consult with their children in the family decisions and give them pat on the back for their valuable contribution.

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4. What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?

Too much interference by parents may led into chaos. It could cause a domestic conflict between parents and children. Children become hostile and stubborn. Rather, parents should collaborate with their children and guide them in their lives.

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Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves?

In elementary schools, students do not go to class without assistance from others. Either the guardians should drop them off or a van or transportation should be arranged. Secondary and high school students can travel alone.

Should children rely on their parents or be independent?

Children should rely on their parents until they begin to learn. When they finish their schooling, they should begin accumulating and becoming self-sufficient.

How can children become more independent?

Children will become more free if their guardians allow them to make minor decisions on their own while they are very young.

What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?

If parents intervene too much in their children’s lives, they either become insubordinate or retreat behind a shell and become thoughtful individuals. They are condemned by their personality, and they are unable to develop into it.



I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe your first day at school IELTS Cue card topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during the exam, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and personalise your answer.

If you still have any doubts, post them in the comments.


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