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Describe an achievement/success you are proud of IELTS Cue Card

In Describe an achievement/success you are proud of IELTS Speaking Cue Card and follow-ups, You need to answer questions such as:

  • What you did do?
  • When did you do it?
  • How did you feel about it?
  • Why did that achievement make you proud?
Describe an achievement/success you are proud of IELTS Speaking Cue Card
Describe an achievement/success you are proud of IELTS Cue Card

Read Describe an achievement/success you are proud of IELTS Cue Card sample answer given below, and carefully observe the usage of band 7+ vocabulary in the model answer and follow-up questions.


Every time someone accomplishes something, they are extremely proud of it. What is straightforward for one person might be an accomplishment for another. Overcoming my Acrophobia was a herculean task for me.

This kind of anxiety condition exists. When confronted with tall heights or placed in a position that requires a substantial height, I suffer from extreme fear and anxiety.

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What you did do?

Since I had already come to terms with it, I was glad to stay away from my fear. All height-related activities had been crossed off my adrenaline-fueled bucket list. Up until the day I realized I had the inner fortitude to get through it.

When did you do it? & How did you feel about it?

Last month, I was solo travelling in Shimla. The Cable Car is one of the best things to do there. I got inside without even giving it any thought because I wanted to remove my acrophobia. The views were breathtaking. However, all of a sudden, I felt the cable car swaying in the wind. And then it began. I became aware that I was 200 metres above the ground, suspended between two mountains.

I learned a lot about my fear of heights from my time in Shimla. Of course, the fact that I was able to fight it was the most crucial factor. It altered the way I thought about my phobia. I spent time attempting to understand why it occurs.

Looking back on this incident made me uneasy, yet these straightforward responses marked the beginning of my new adventure.

Why did that achievement make you proud?

For the first time, I triumphed mentally over my phobia. So I was proud of myself. From that day onwards, I gradually placed myself in situations that I knew would trigger a fear of heights, with the aim to stay in control.

Concluding the cue card

Overcoming my fear of heights was not an easy challenge. But I can now control it, and it made my life a lot easier.

Describe an achievement/success you are proud of Follow-up questions

Here are the follow-up questions that may be asked on the IELTS Speaking cue card topic ‘Describe an achievement/success you are proud of’:

How to measure a person’s success?

Business success can be measured in a variety of ways, including employee job satisfaction and the amount in a company’s bank account. Finding out how you personally define your professional measure of success can be important, whether you’re a cofounder of a business or have just begun working for a new company.


I believe it is challenging to create a single indicator that can be used as a universal barometer of success. It cannot be done. Due to the fact that every person has a unique perspective on success, what is “successful” to one person may be a complete failure or pointless to another.

Do you think the way people gain success has changed?

The way people achieve success has changed, without a doubt. People used to labour very hard, but success was only found in a tiny region. Only those in the news or on national television, such as politicians, movie stars, and athletes, were successful on a larger scale. But nowadays, anyone with some talent may become successful overnight thanks to reality TV. People can achieve global success via the Internet, networks like YouTube, and other platforms. Due to globalization, people are increasingly aware of successful local businessmen everywhere.

How do you define success?

Achieving personal goals, no matter what they may be, is what I consider to be a success. Some people view some ambitions as modest, while others see them as gigantic. What counts is that they are individuals; each person has a unique recipe for success in their own life.

How to reward successful people?

Successful people can be rewarded by having their efforts recognized. Because we live in a society that puts a huge emphasis on rewards. Certain honours may be conferred. Benefits in money may be provided. Giving promotions in the work circle is occasionally a smart approach to honour successful people.

What’s the most difficult thing you have ever done?

I’m afraid of being on stage. I remember having to exhibit a model I had created at the yearly physics fair at my college. The model addressed zones of gravity. I found it to be extremely difficult, but I was able to present it. That was the hardest thing I ever accomplished.

What qualities does a person need to have, to be successful?

Success is the accomplishment of a desired goal, as well as fame, fortune, or social status. A person who has achieved a goal, fame, riches, or social status is thus considered successful. A successful individual is one who can begin a project and see it through to completion. They should also have helped quite a few other people finish their own projects. This, in my opinion, is a comprehensive explanation of success.

In addition to this, the person is ought to be an effective communicator. He should have the guts to take calculated chances.

Is it important for young people to have some achievement?

I find the subject to be intriguing. Achieving at an early age undoubtedly boosts confidence and teaches us the value of perseverance. For example, kids say their self-esteem gets a boost when adults reward their small, everyday achievements.

Final Thoughts on IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic

I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe an achievement/success you are proud of IELTS Cue card topic.

If you still need any help, feel free to ask in the comments.

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