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[IELTS] Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else – Cue Card

In Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else IELTS Speaking Cue Card and Follow-ups, You should answer the following questions:

  • What the activity was?
  • Who was with you?
  • When and where it happened?
  • Why you went for it?
  • Explain how you felt about it.

Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else Model Answer

Please be aware that you will be speaking for one to two minutes on the topic – Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else. You will have one minute to prepare your thoughts. Therefore, it is advised that you create a list of bullet points outlining the things you plan to cover in the cue card.


Life is a collection of moments, and some of the most memorable ones often involve shared experiences with others. Among the myriad of activities that fill our lives, there are those that stand out for their excitement and the joy they bring when enjoyed with someone else. In this cue card, I’d love to talk about one such exhilarating activity that I shared with someone, delving into the thrill of the experience and the bond it forged.

What the activity was?

We embarked on an extraordinary hot-air balloon ride, a thrilling adventure that involved gracefully floating high above the picturesque countryside in a vibrant, colourful balloon. The experience offered a unique perspective, allowing us to admire the world below from an entirely different vantage point.

Who was with you?

Joining me in this exhilarating escapade was none other than my sister, turning the already exciting activity into a shared adventure. The camaraderie between us added an extra layer of enjoyment and made the experience all the more memorable. We shared laughs and enjoyed the whole experience together.

When and where it happened?

This incredible adventure began in the peaceful moments of the previous year’s trip to a breathtaking rural spot. The choice to take the balloon flight turned out to be fortunate since the gorgeous scenery heightened the enchantment of the occasion, and the balloon’s vivid colors stood out against the calm surroundings.

Why you went for it?

We decided to hop on the balloon ride on a whim because the idea of drifting above the pretty landscape and catching the sunrise from up high seemed too amazing to miss. It turned out to be a spontaneous and unforgettable decision.

Explain how you felt about it.

I felt a mix of nervousness and excitement as the balloon filled up. Going up and feeling weightless while looking at the breathtaking views left me amazed. Sharing all of it with my sister made it even better. The gentle descent, and cheers from the ground crew – it was like the perfect ending to a super fun adventure. Looking back, it taught me to appreciate unexpected fun and create lasting memories with family.

Concluding the cue card

In the big picture of life, the most exciting moments are often the ones we share with others. It could be the laughter, the thrill, or the joy of accomplishing something together. These shared experiences become stories we remember and cherish, creating connections that make our journey more colourful and memorable.


Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else Follow-ups

Here are some probable follow-up questions that could be asked by your IELTS Speaking examiner on the cue card topic – Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else:

1. What kinds of activities do young people like to do?

Young people like to do a lot of different things. They often use social media to connect with friends and share pictures. Playing video games is another favourite, and some enjoy watching or making videos online. Listening to music, playing sports, and spending time outdoors are also popular.

Some like reading books or writing, while others enjoy being creative through art or photography. Hanging out with friends, travelling, and volunteering for a good cause are activities that many young people find enjoyable. Each person has their own interests, making the list of things they like to do quite diverse.

2. Why do some young people like adventurous activities?

Young people like adventurous activities because they find them thrilling and exciting. These activities offer a break from routine, providing a chance to experience new things and build strong bonds with friends. Engaging in adventures helps them grow personally by overcoming challenges and boosting their confidence.

Furthermore, it’s also a way to escape stress, connect with nature, and learn through hands-on experiences. Completing adventurous tasks gives them a sense of accomplishment, and some see adventure as a lifestyle, enjoying activities that keep them active and engaged. Overall, adventurous activities offer a mix of fun, learning, and personal development for young individuals.

3. Do you think old people accept changes?

Whether older people accept changes depends on their personality, life experiences, and other factors. Some older individuals are open-minded and adaptable, while others may prefer things to stay the same. It can also be influenced by cultural background, health, and the support they have from friends and family.

I believe that clear communication about the reasons for change and involving them in the decision-making process can make it easier for older people to accept and adapt to new situations. However, it’s important to remember that individuals vary, and not all older people respond to change in the same way.

4. How do exciting activities relieve people’s stress?

Exciting activities can help people feel less stressed in several ways. When you do something exciting, your body releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins, which reduce pain and boost your mood. These activities distract your mind from stress, and they often involve physical movement, which is good for your body.

Engaging in exciting tasks can also create a sense of accomplishment, and positive interactions with others during these activities can make you feel more connected and supported. Overall, exciting activities trigger positive changes in your body and mind, helping to ease stress and improve your mood.

5. Can you give some examples of adventurous or risky activities?

Adventurous or risky activities are exciting and sometimes daring things people do. Examples include climbing rocks without safety gear (free solo climbing), jumping out of airplanes with parachutes (skydiving), or riding big ocean waves on surfboards (big wave surfing). There’s also exploring caves (spelunking), gliding in the air with a parachute-like wing (paragliding), or riding bicycles down steep trails (mountain biking downhill).

These activities can be thrilling, but they also come with risks. I strongly believe that people who do them need to be trained and follow safety rules to stay safe and have fun!

6. What skills do people need to take part in adventurous activities?

To take part in adventurous activities, I think people need to be physically fit, able to assess risks and have specific skills depending on the activity. For example, they might need to be good at problem-solving, communicate well with others, and understand how to use special equipment. Some activities require balance and coordination, like rock climbing or slacklining, while others need navigation skills for hiking or mountaineering.

Endurance, adaptability, and emotional resilience are also important! Learning basic first aid and being a good swimmer can be crucial in case of emergencies. Whether it’s teamwork, leadership, or patience, having the right skills ensures a safer and more enjoyable adventure.

Our Final Thoughts

So, that’s all you need to say in Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else Cue card to get a band 7 or higher in the IELTS Speaking exam.

If you still need any help, feel free to ask in the comments.


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