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[Band 8.5] Describe a person who you believe dresses well IELTS Cue-Card

In Describe a person who you believe dresses well or Describe a person who likes to dress fashionably Cue Card, you should say:

1. Who this person is?

2. What job this person does?

3. What kind of dresses he/she wears?

4. Explain why this person likes fashion?

Describe a person who you believe dresses well IELTS Speaking Cue-Card
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Here’s the first sample answer to Describe a person who you believe dresses well IELTS Speaking Cue Card:


Dressing well is definitely a form of good manners. It’s no secret that dressing in a certain way has an effect on the first impressions that you make, and how people treat you. So today, I would love to talk about my fashion idol who has inspired my dressing choices for so many years.

Who this person is? & What job this person does?

When it comes to making a statement about dressing sense there is no one else quite like actor Ranveer Singh. A style icon who is solely responsible for raising the bar of fashion in Bollywood. His unmistakable sense of style and larger-than-life commitment to dressing up has kept me on the edge of my seat every time I see him on TV.

What kind of dresses he/she wears?

The actor’s fashion choices, which range from statement jewellery and high ponytails to flared velvet pants and turtlenecks, are a significant example of how to question conventional norms and reclaim our personal expression through our clothing.

Moreover, His red carpet appearances are stylish moments to pay notice of black-tie dress codes, and his airport looks with his wife and actress Deepika Padukone are important couple lessons in travelling in style.

Explain why this person likes fashion?

I think Ranveer likes fashion because it is about reflecting his personality. His enthusiastic fashion is an extension of his exuberant personality. Plus, Ranveer has a fantastic physique that can pull off anything.

Concluding the Cue Card

Ranveer Singh has come a long way in Bollywood, starting his career with films like Band Baaja Baaraat to career-defining films like Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela and the iconic Gully Boy. Ranveer Singh’s fashion today is poles apart from what it was when he first entered the industry.

Undoubtedly, Ranveer Singh’s style makes for a lesson in dressing at its maximum best.



Because I was raised in a small town, people mostly dress in similar clothes. Five years back, my family shifted to Chandigarh and we had a new neighbour named Rahul. The day we relocated, his clothing caught my attention right away.

He was dressed in yellow shorts and a funky T-shirt. He looked so cool. His attire stood out to me since I have always worn shades like black, blue, or white. So, he made a wonderful first impression on me with his impeccable fashion sense.

Since he was my age and we were in the same school, we established a close bond. I learned that his entire family moved from Haryana to Chandigarh because his mother started a new teaching job in the capital.

As we all know Chandigarh is a fashion icon, so I assumed he had plenty of opportunities to get fashionable clothing there. He was always well-groomed, and his dressing sense was stylish and trendy. Moreover, he took an effort to choose his costume himself. When we were playing outside, he would wear Nike sneakers and colourful shorts.

At parties, he would be easily found wearing semi-formal clothes like dark-coloured jeans with polo shirts. The best thing I liked about him is that none of his clothing was branded. Some of them were just plain garments that he mixed and matched to put together the ideal fashion.

He would even repurpose some of his parents’ old clothing to create new dresses. I was stunned by his creativity at such a tender age. In addition, he carried himself well and had a sporty physique.

He occasionally wore nothing more than a pair of basic white t-shirts and pants, but he still looked good. One day, I asked him about the places to shop for similar kinds of dresses and he revealed to me that he shops online and showed me websites where I might get clothing.

He doesn’t stopped there!

Rahul advised me and assisted me in selecting some elegant clothing for the family event. He is my inspiration, and it would be fair to say that he has a significant influence on the way I dress nowadays.



Following are the probable set of IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow-up questions for Describe a person who likes to dress fashionably cue card:

1) Do you think online shopping will replace in-store shopping in the future? Why?

No, I don’t believe that online retailers can entirely replace physical ones. Virtual shopping cannot replicate the in-store physical shopping experience. There will still be things like Fresh food, luxury jewellery, automobile, and artwork that many people would be unwilling to purchase without having to touch and feel.

2) Why is fashion very important to some people?

Many people value fashion because it contributes to their sense of self-identity. Their appearance or attire conveys the story of their personalities and outlooks on life. In addition to that, some people value it due to their occupations. For instance, performers and actresses are known for their flashy attire.

Importance of looking fashionable by Angie Salama

3) Are older people as fashionable as young people? Why?

Fashion is for the young. Older people already have a full closet of things they like. Older adults frequently have less interest in fashion and are more concerned with what fits well or is comfortable for them. Rather than saying, “That is a good dress,” they want you to say, “You look really nice.”

They frequently believe that the concept of “fashion” is a ploy to get people to buy more things.

4) Are women more fashionable than men? Why?

It varies. It is a matter of preference and personal choice. Every person has their own perspective on clothing. Women and men both like and dislike the newest trends in fashion. What they can afford also relies on how well off they are economically. They will do it if they can afford to absorb the cost of dressing in the newest fashion. So, there are many factors that decide who is fashionable and who is not. It has nothing to do with men and women.



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I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe a person who you believe dresses well IELTS Cue card topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during the exam. You should rather reformulate and personalise your answer.

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