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Describe a skill that you can teach other people [Cue Card]

In Describe a skill that you can teach other people IELTS Speaking cue card, you’ll be asked to explain about a skill that you can share with other people. You should say:

☑️ What it is?

☑️ How you learnt it?

☑️ How can you teach others?

☑️ How do you feel about this skill?

NOTEYou have one minute to think about what you are going to say, then you’ll have to talk about the topic for one-to-two minutes. A paper and a pencil will be given so that you can make some notes if you wish.

For easier understanding, I’ve divided this IELTS Speaking Cue Card Describe a skill that you can teach other people into three parts – Introduction, relevant Questions, and Conclusion.


During this pandemic period, I was stuck at home.

• So, I asked my sister to teach me Piano.

• A few years ago, my sister had learned Piano from Youtube.

• She has made hundreds of extremely beautiful symphonies and melodies since then.

• Every time someone visited us, she used to play piano and entertain us out of fun.

What it is?

So, last year, I asked my sister to teach me Piano.

• I had a lot of free time in the lockdown and so I practiced it.

• Piano is not as difficult as we think, but it has its own set of rules.

• It takes some time to understand variety of sounds associated with different keys.

How you learnt it?

The first thing I did was to break the piano down into more manageable chunks.

If you look closely at the keyboard, you’ll see that there is actually a pattern to how the keys are laid out.

Now that I knew how to split my piano up into discrete octaves, finding specific notes was easy.

Lastly, when I was practicing them, I made sure you’ve got my technique and fingerings consistently solid. 

Prioritizing good technique in the early days as a piano player paid off HUGELY moving forward.

How can you teach others this skill?

Teaching others is pretty simple nowadays.

I’ve just started my Youtube channel, so I will post Piano video lessons on the channel and help beginners learn the tricks.

Secondly, I am planning to start a website where I will be posting everything about Piano’s and as such people who are mindful readers can learn this skill.

How do you feel about this skill?

I am really proud of this skill.

• I don’t think I am still an expert, but I am good enough to get compliments when someone listen to the Piano symphonies I made.


In the end, I am glad to tell you that … My first ever commercial Piano video is out in the market and the public response is pretty good.


Following are the probable set of IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow up questions that could be asked in Describe a skill that you can teach other people cue card:

Should teachers be funny when they teach?

Yes, I think teachers should employ the use of humour while teaching. It lightens the class atmosphere and improves the relationship between students and teachers. In other words, students feel comfortable discussing their doubts and problems with the teachers. However, teachers must learn when to be strict, otherwise, it can impact the discipline in the classroom.

What qualities should teachers have?

Firstly, I think the most important skill that teachers should have is good communication skills. They need to understand how to teach in simple words. Secondly, they should be good observers. They need to be able to pick up the fears and anxieties students have. Only then they can build their confidence. Finally, teaching is about patience. Teachers need to be ready to explain the concepts again and again if their students are facing any difficulty.

Which do you think are more important practical skills or academic skills?

Practical skills and academic skills have their own importance. I think it depends upon the person’s profession. If a person wants to be a teacher, a lawyer, or anything in academics, they need to be an expert in academics. However, in other fields like business, communication skills etcetera, are more important.

Which age group is the best age for learning?

I am a strong believer in the fact that there is no age for learning. We can learn anything at any age. And actually, I believe that we should keep learning new skills as it keeps the mind sharp and active.


I hope you learnt well about how to answer Describe a skill that you can teach other people [IELTS Cue Card]. It is advised not to reproduce the same answer during examination, as it may be used by many of our readers on the site. You should rather reformulate and make it look like your personal answer.

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