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as happy as Larry – IELTS Speaking/Writing Vocabulary Word List [PDF]

Hi there! If you are looking for Band 7-9 vocabulary suitable for IELTS Speaking & Writing Task 1 or 2, then kudos..! You’re at the right place, let me be your saviour with the expert curated list of words.

*Word of the day*

as happy as Larry

Part of speech: phrase

Meaning: extremely happy

Synonyms: cheerful, joyous, blissfully happy

Example sentences:

S1) I gave her a police badge to wear on her sleeve and she was as happy as Larry.

S2) I’d strapped him in his chair in the back and he’d sat there, happy as Larry, all the time I couldn’t get the thing going.

S3) And after learning swimming, I was as happy as Larry.

Download Band 7/8/9 IELTS Speaking & Writing vocabulary book/list in PDF.

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