TOP 5 Best Immigration Lawyers in London, ON

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Have a look at our top picks for the 5 best immigration lawyers near you who provide the finest immigration legal services in London, Ontario.

These Canadian immigration law experts have been handpicked exclusively based on Business History, Public Reviews, Location, Range of Services, Fees, Paid or Free Consultation, Special Offers, Client Engagement, Awards & Recognition and other rating factors.

TOP 5 Best LONDON Ontario Immigration Lawyer Near Me

London’s Top 5 Immigration Lawyers

Searching for an immigration lawyer near me? Here are the five top-class immigration attorneys that you could find in London, Ontario, Canada:

S. No.Immigration Law FirmsRatings
1SUE M. KANG4.8/5
2Only Immigration4.6/5
3Amin Law4.2/5
4SIRI LAW4.4/5
5Bashier Law Office4.2/5
5 best immigration lawyers near me


BEST KNOWN FORCanadian Immigration Law
TELEPHONE+1 519-432-4182
LOCATION380 Wellington St 6th Floor, Tower B, London, ON N6A 5B5, Canada

SUE M. KANG law office in London, ON was established to offer clients seeking uncontested divorce and legal counsel on Canadian immigration issues. When you work with them, you can be sure that you’ll be given a warm, courteous, and effective level of service.

Sue Kang, a Canadian immigration attorney, is dedicated to being accessible to you at every stage of the procedure and to offering you top-notch services that will help you navigate it easily and without stress.

In addition to this, they also offer services at fixed fees so that you can plan your budget accordingly.


  • More than 19 years of experience in delivering professional and efficient services
  • Reasonable pricing and offer all immigration law services at fixed fees 
  • Personalized approach that provide excellent value to the client


I started working with Sue last year in 2021. She was incredibly professional, meticulous and extremely easy to talk to. The longest process was getting all the documents together, however she made this super easy by always being ready to answer questions, and give guidance where it is needed.

I cannot recommend Sue Kang enough, I had previously been dealing with another immigration law firm and for years it never went anywhere. As soon as I found Sue and hired her, she put the wheels in motion and in a few months after submitting my application I received my work permit, a month or so after I received my PR approval. It was because of her excellent guidance and expertise that this whole process was successfully completed in such a short time. Thank you Sue!




2. Only Immigration

Greg Willoughby imm lawyer
Source: / Greg Willoughby
BEST KNOWN FORImmigration, Citizenship, and Refugee Law
IMM LAWYERGreg Willoughby
TELEPHONE+1 519-852-0079
LOCATION140 Fullarton St #100, London, ON N6A 5P2, Canada

Only IMMIGRATION is a leading boutique law firm based in London that focuses exclusively on Canadian Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugee Law. The firm’s founder, Greg Willoughby, has over 1.5 decades of experience representing individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

Greg and his team offer a free initial, online, consultation on all Canadian Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugee matters. Contact them to arrange for further consultations as per your needs.


  • Leading boutique law firm focused exclusively on Canadian Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugee Law
  • Has over fifteen years of experience representing private individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations
  • Lawyers involve directly with every client so that you receive the highest level of attention and expertise


Dear Readers, I am fortunate that I chose Mr. Greg as my PR application Lawyer.
He meticulously prepared the necessary supporting documentation to strengthen my case. He is highly knowledgeable in immigration law and assisted me with every question and scenario throughout the process.

He is empathetic and understands the pain of his customers. He is very responsive and approachable. He is highly professional in every aspect.

Thank you, Mr. Greg, for making our family members Permanent Residents of Canada.

I highly recommend Mr. Greg for all your Canadian immigration needs.



3. Amin Law

BEST KNOWN FORCriminal Law, Real Estate Law, Immigration Law
TELEPHONE+1 226-224-8823
LOCATION114 Dundas St #401, London, ON N6A 1G1, Canada

Amin Law is the next name on our list of best immigration lawyers in London. They provide sensible advice and support that can help you avoid wasting time, energy, or money, whether you’re dealing with the criminal justice system, trying to buy or sell a house, or simply making plans to migrate. Moreover, they customise their offerings to address your particular needs.

If you require Immigration Law services, their team of experienced legal professionals are available all the time. Call, Text, or Email to see how they can help!


  • World-class legal representation
  • Wisdom-focused legal solutions
  • Offered in English, Spanish, Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, and Hindi


The staff at Amin Law were very friendly, approachable and fun to be around all while maintaining a high level of professionalism. They had a quick response time by phone or email.



BEST KNOWN FORImmigration, Refugee Claims, International Students, Wills, Notarization
IMM LAWYERMs. Christin Lee
TELEPHONE+1 519-471-3333
LOCATION219 Oxford St W Unit 203, London, ON N6H 1S5, Canada

Ms. Christin Lee arrived in Canada from South Korea when she was 12 years old. Since then, she became an immigrant, then a Canadian citizen. She is aware of the anxiety that many people who apply for immigration and claim to be refugees experience because she grew up in an immigrant neighbourhood.

She serves both private and commercial clients, bringing well-researched advice to every query she encounters. Her team guarantee excellent service every time and commits to a mutual experience of respect and satisfaction.


  • Serve both private and commercial clients
  • Member in good standing, Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Provide FREE skilled immigration evaluation


I want to express my gratitude to Siri Law for helping us when we applied for my wife Diane’s permanent residency, especially Christin Lee. The epidemic made the time we began the immigration procedure unpredictable, but they gave us all the information we needed and helped us through the entire process. She received approval, and she will now begin a new life in Canada. We appreciate their help and heartily endorse their offerings.


5. Bashier Law Office

BEST KNOWN FORImmigration Law, Real Estate Law, Wills and Powers of Attorney
IMM LAWYERMr. Abdalla Abosharia
TELEPHONE+1 519-601-5550
LOCATION341 Talbot St, London, ON N6A 2R5, Canada

Bashier Law Office is another amazing immigration law firm in London that has successfully represented international clientele.

Their office delivers skilled representation and top-notch service for the Immigration issues related to Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade Program, Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed, Family sponsorship, Provincial Nominees, Live-in caregivers, and Refugees.


  • 35 years of multidisciplinary law practice in Canada and abroad
  • Successfully represents clients from different countries
  • Accepts Legal Aid Certificates


We do appreciate the great work on our immigration case. Mr. Abdullah is very patient, helpful and reliable. Thank you so much.


FAQ’s on London Immigration Lawyer

What does Canadian permanent resident immigration status confer?

The bearer of a Canadian permanent resident visa is allowed to live permanently in Canada and seek employment in any part of the country in accordance with the terms of Canada’s constitution.

Additionally, anyone who has a permanent address in Canada is eligible to enrol in free elementary and secondary education programmes in the several provincially run public school systems. The universal health care programme is available to permanent residents as well.

What may cause my immigration application to be refused?

Numerous factors can lead to an application being rejected. An applicant could not be eligible for the immigration category for which they applied. They can also have a history of criminal activity or a serious medical condition that may cause a denial of immigration application.

What makes these immigration lawyers different from other lawyers not listed here?

In addition to several years of experience, the London immigration lawyers mentioned in this article have expertise in specialised areas of immigration law, such as LGBTQ immigration difficulties, criminal and medical inadmissibility, and appeals/judicial review requests. From the initial point of contact, they offer responsive, accurate, and expert services that are focused on the needs of the client.

Final Thoughts

To cut a long story short, these 5 Immigration Lawyers are one of the best attorneys in London, ON. Experience their fabulous services by yourself!

Disclaimer: The above post is intended for general information only and does NOT constitute legal advice or a solicitation for investment. The information from this website must NOT be taken as personal advice given to the readers. This site or its owners are NOT affiliated, approved or endorsed by IRCC, the Canadian government or any immigration law firm. The official IRCC website is

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