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[Band 7.5] Describe something that you have shared with others IELTS Cue-Card

In Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person) Cue Card, you should say:

1. What thing you shared?

2. When you shared it?

3. Who you shared it with?

4. How you felt when you shared it with others?

Describe something that you have shared with others IELTS Speaking Cue-Card
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Here’s the first sample answer to Describe something that you have shared with others IELTS Speaking Cue Card:


Sharing with others has always been fun for me, especially when it benefits someone in need. So today, I would take this opportunity to talk about one of those things which I shared with my roommate when I was in college.

What thing you shared? & When you shared it?

I had a roommate at the time and we shared a hostel room for about two years. We used to get along well despite attending different faculties for our studies. The room we were sharing, however, was a little too small for us or we probably had too much stuff in the room that it seemed cluttered.

Regardless, we worked extremely hard to fit two study tables side by side. But after I purchased a computer and a sizeable computer desk to place it on, things got a little too complicated. In fact, there was hardly any room left for my roommate’s study table when I set up my computer desk. I requested him to remove his small study table and instead we could both share my computer desk to study because I didn’t see any other possibilities.

I even offered to let him use my computer if that would be necessary. Not to mention, my friendly roommate happily agreed to my suggestion and promptly got rid of his little study table.

Who you shared it with?

His name was Mohit. He was a brilliant student and helped me a lot in my studies. So after making that layout, we initially had some trouble arranging our books and other items on my desk, but that difficulty was also resolved when we changed few things here and there.

How you felt when you shared it with others?

The fact that I shared my table and computer with my roommate, however, felt amazing to me because it greatly helped him in studying and performing his assignments more effectively.

Concluding the Cue Card

There’s an old adage that sharing is caring. When I first thought of sharing a room and then sharing a desk with my roommate, I was excited. However, I never felt such empathy and care towards someone before. Our bond has only grown multifold thereafter.



Sharing with others makes me feel at ease and satisfied with myself. I, therefore, enjoy discussing potential ideas with others. Last month, I shared my meal with one of my fellow mates at the college where I am a first-year student.

I enjoy eating home-cooked meals, therefore I frequently bring my lunch from home. My mother also advises against bringing outside meals. She makes food for me as a result. There was a boy who had forgotten to pack his lunch that day and I shared the meal. Sharing my stuff is nothing new to me.

During lunch, I noticed he was just sitting there, so I asked if he would want to eat. He said YES with a big smile. And told me that he forgot to bring his lunch. Therefore, I shared my meal.

Rohit and I both ate the same dish. He is from Gujarat and works as a part-time executive at a call centre and lives alone in the city. Moreover, he received a partial scholarship, therefore he must make arrangements for his living costs.

Rohit works continuously to strike a balance between his academic and professional lives. He frequently forgets to bring the required projects and assignments on time. So missing lunch was expected of him. Even the professors are understanding of his difficult circumstances and are lenient towards him.

Rohit and I have been friends since the first day we met. I am therefore aware of his dire situation. I’m aware that he might not have remembered to pack a lunch, and if I do not provide it to him, I believe he won’t have time to eat before supper.

So, I gave him my lunch as a result. By helping him, I experienced a sense of relief. It provided me with quite a lot of mental satisfaction.

Top reasons for sharing the things that we have with others



Following are the probable set of IELTS Speaking Part-3 follow-up questions for Describe something that you have shared with others cue card:

1) Do people in your country prefer to share public transport or do they prefer to use private transport?

Well, that depends on the people’s financial situation. Those with the means choose to use their own personal vehicles. I personally believe that using public transport is cheaper than owning and operating a car. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space and it reduces congestion in towns and cities.

2) Do many people in your country share their home with others or do they mostly live alone?

The majority of people own their homes or rent them out. However, they do not have any housemates. If they are studying outside of their hometown, students live in shared apartments.

3) Do you think there are any advantages to sharing your home with other people?

There are benefits if you get along well with other individuals. But it might not be a good experience if there are disputes. The ability to split the costs is a benefit. So, the price drops.

4) Would you ever share your food with someone else?

Yes, I would love to do so. This is because sharing a meal with others has a tonne of advantages. It fosters trust among those who eat the same meal together. Decisions and consensus can be reached more quickly, respect for one another are more likely, and teamwork is simpler.

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I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe something that you have shared with others IELTS Cue card topic. However, it is strongly advised not to reproduce the same answer during the exam. You should rather reformulate and personalize your answer.

If you still need any help, don’t be shy to comment below.



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