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5 Best Immigration Consultants in Regina, SK (2023)

Thinking about moving to Regina, Saskatchewan, can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to immigration stuff. But don’t worry! Our blog post is here to help.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 best immigration consultants in Regina, SK, who are like your friendly guides through all the paperwork and steps.

Regina is a great city with lots of opportunities, and these consultants know exactly how to make your move smooth and successful. They’re like your go-to experts, ready to help you on your journey to a new life in Regina. Stick with us as we explore what makes these consultants the best choice for anyone looking to make Canada their new home.

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TOP 5 Best REGINA Immigration Consultant Near Me

Regina’s Top 5 Immigration Consultants

Here’s the list of five immigration counsellors we’ve determined to be the best ones near you in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada:

  1. MyCana Immigration Consultants Inc. (4.7/5)
  2. INFO Immigration Centre for Application Inc. (4.5/5)
  3. Northern Connections Canada Immigration (4.3/5)
  4. Guide Me Immigration (4.6/5)
  5. Manax Immigration Services (4.1/5)

1. MyCana Immigration Consultants Inc.

MyCana Immigration Consultants Inc. Regina
BEST KNOWN FORWorkers, Students, Application Assistance, Employers, Family Sponsorship
TELEPHONE+1 306-525-2632
LOCATION541 Albert St, Regina, SK S4R 2P2, Canada

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Based in Regina, MyCana Immigration takes pride in collaborating closely with clients to develop workforce solutions that are tailored to your unique immigration consulting requirements.

Marlou Poquiz is a member in good standing of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants or the CAPIC and the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council or the ICCRC, with Membership Number R512951.

He has assisted hundreds of immigrants of many nationalities in obtaining their Temporary Resident status, student visas, work permit renewals, and permanent resident status in a variety of ways.

Highlights of the Firm

  • High approval rates for Canadian Citizenship and Immigration applications
  • Specialists in Temporary Foreign Workers Program
  • Cost of 1-hour Consultation: $200 CAD

Consultancy Reviews

“Outstanding immigration consultant located in Regina. My consultant was really kind, attentive, and honest when I explained all of my progress, and I received my PR in six months. There are no excessive fees for services rendered. Strongly suggested is this immigration service.” – Jenny


2. INFO Immigration Centre for Application Inc.

BEST KNOWN FORPNP, Refugees, Sponsorship
TELEPHONE+1 306-525-1002
LOCATION1950 Broad St Unit# 202, Regina, SK S4P 1X9, Canada

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

With a wealth of practice, knowledge, and experience in different programs that Canada and its provinces offer, INFO Immigration Centre for Application Inc. is yet another best-suited consultant in Regina, Saskatchewan.

They are authorized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to provide counsel and/or represent the clients. Moreover, through their network of partnerships, they will be able to assist their clientele across the globe.

Looking for truthful, honest, competent and result-oriented visa consultation service in Regina? This could be your go-to place!

Highlights of the Firm

  • Licensed for recruitment by the Government of Saskatchewan, Government of Alberta, Government of Nova Scotia and Government of Manitoba
  • Representing clients in Canada and overseas in a wide range of immigration matters
  • Well informed and up to date with any changes in federal or provincial regulations that may impact applications

Consultancy Reviews

“Three weeks after I applied, both my work visa and SINP were issued. Thank you. I will tell others that the Info Immigration Center is the best source for getting permanent residence quickly. Collaborating with Mr. Anisar Rahaman brings me great joy.” – Sukhjinder

3. Northern Connections Canada Immigration

BEST KNOWN FORImmigration, Work & Study, Visitor Visa, Employment
TELEPHONE+1 306-351-5595
LOCATION2010 11th Ave 7th Floor, Regina, SK S4P 0J3, Canada

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kay Wilson and his team at Northern Connections Canada Immigration provide expert advice on all immigration matters as they facilitate your application and advocate on your behalf with IRCC.

Kay is a High Honors graduate of Ashton College’s Immigration Practitioner Program and a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

All Immigration Consultants are committed to providing outstanding, client-centred immigration services and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in moving people from elsewhere to Canada.

Highlights of the Firm

  • Serves clients in 30+ countries from their corporate office in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)
  • Provides FREE online training on how to live, work, and study in Canada

Consultancy Reviews

“Kay is an extremely skilled and informed consultant. She was available to answer questions and provide updates during the process, and she gave a clear explanation of the requirements, repercussions, and the complete procedure. My application was accepted, and Northern Connections Canada comes highly recommended.” – Stephie

4. Guide Me Immigration

Guide Me Immigration
BEST KNOWN FOREconomic Immigration, Family Class, Study Visas
TELEPHONE+1 306-700-7440
LOCATION1118 Broad St #405, Regina, SK S4R 1X8, Canada

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

With his outstanding knowledge of Family Class, Study Visas, and Economic Immigration, MD SHORIFUZZAMAN is quickly becoming a household name in the field of Canadian Immigration Consulting in Regina.

Due to SHORIF’s diverse academic and professional background, he has the added benefit of being better able to understand the demands of his clients. He graduated from the esteemed Ashton College in British Columbia with a diploma in immigration consulting.

Highlights of the Firm

  • Licensed Immigration Consultant and Foreign Worker Recruiter (SINP)
  • Extensive experience in Canadian immigration matters

Consultancy Reviews

“Working with “Guide Me Immigration” was a great experience. I’m from Iran and recently got my visa to Canada and I’m going to attend university in Vancouver next week. My consultant Ms. Laya Heiati helped me a lot in this path. She was so kind and she always answered my questions about Immigration.” – Aynour

5. Manax Immigration Services

BEST KNOWN FORAgri-Food Pilot, Express Entry, Refugees, RNIP, SINP, Star-up Visa
TELEPHONE+1 639-560-0041
LOCATION4142 Preston Crescent, Regina, SK S4X 0C6, Canada

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Last but not least, Manax Immigration Services offers solutions to the issues that individuals who wish to investigate the myriad prospects and possibilities that abound in Canada encounter.

Having extensive knowledge of immigration, refugee, and temporary residency visa categories, the founding director is a qualified Canadian immigration counsellor. As an immigration consultant, Oyebisi assists customers in understanding the intricate immigration rules, policies, and procedures.

Looking for seasoned immigration consultants in Regina? Consider them on your list!

Highlights of the Firm

  • Provides FREE online assessment form
  • Deals with a wide range of immigration application types
  • User-friendly consultation booking portal

Consultancy Reviews

“Manax Immigration Services provided extremely detailed work with a high degree of professionalism. In the first instance, I was drawn to them because of their high success rate. I shall suggest them to anyone in need of immigration assistance.” – Olubunmi

FAQs on Regina Immigration Consultants

What papers do I need before talking to an immigration consultant in Regina, Saskatchewan?

Before you meet with a consultant, it’s good to have your important papers ready, like your ID, school certificates, and anything related to your immigration history. This helps the consultant understand your situation better when you talk to them.

Can a Regina immigration consultant help with both short-term and long-term stays?

Yes, these consultants can help with different situations, whether you’re staying in Saskatchewan for a short time (like for work or study) or planning to make it your long-term home. They know how to handle all kinds of applications.

What makes these immigration consultancy firms special compared to those in bigger cities?

These immigration consultation firms know a lot about the local community and the challenges here. This local knowledge helps them guide you through the specific rules and opportunities in Saskatchewan’s capital.

How much does it usually cost to hire an immigration advisor in Regina, SK?

The cost can vary based on your situation and what you need help with. When you first talk to the consultant, they’ll tell you about the fees and any extra costs, so you can plan your immigration journey accordingly.

Our Final Thoughts

So, that’s a wrap on our look at the 5 Best Immigration Consultants in Regina, SK!

These consultants are like your helpful friends, making the whole immigration process a lot easier. Regina has a lot to offer, and with the right consultant, your move can be smooth and successful.

They know all the ins and outs, whether you’re dealing with work permits, family stuff, or aiming for permanent residency. Each consultant brings something special to the table, turning challenges into success stories.

As you get ready to start your new life in Regina, remember these experts—they’re here to make sure your immigration journey is not just successful but also exactly what you’re hoping for.

Cheers to your new Canadian adventure!

Always make sure to verify that your immigration consultant is authorized—they are licensed and “active”—by using the public search register.

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Best Regina immigration consultancy badge
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